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Stayed in Arunachala
« on: August 23, 2011, 09:11:58 PM »
Dear All..

I wanted to tell you that I stayed in Tiruvannamalai - Arunachala for two nights !! my friend and myself set off actually, on 13th and returned on 15th.  As usual, ashram didn't have rooms as it was full moon day.. however, i wanted to go..  I felt, we will have a place to sleep, atleast in some temples.. but preferred to be in Arunachala, one of the preference was Guhai Namasivayar temple..

I was overconfident that i will walk with barefoot... after stepping down from bus, i realized how hot it was. that too, i never walked without shoes right from my school days, then i realized and bought a chappal, by that time my foot was burnt slightly as i had to walk on hot thar road.. anyways, it was the first lesson for me that day.

then, we walked up from the backside of temple tirumanjana gopuram, the way that will take to virupaksha cave.  When we reached mulai paal theertham, to our surprise there was a sadhu who welcomed us and as openly offered stay there near unnamulai amman temple.. i was taken a back hearing that and thanked bhagavan for that. that was a very small room, the temple priest gave us the room.. then took bath in mulai paal theertham and meditated in front of mother unnamulai amman..

then, we went for a walk around and visited guhai namasivayar temple, there was a lord murugan temple - Arivu Korkayan. that was a wonderful place and the view of temple towers from that place was very stright without any obstacles, with the full moon on top, that was such a beautiful sight.. i spoke with the murugan temple priest about the thirupugahz and he sat down and started saying many stories on Lord Muruga.. people around there said, they had been visiting this temple many times but never he spoke so open with anybody, they said after i opened the topic he started outpouring with full of emotions.. he take care of the lord muruga as his own kid, he dresses with different colors and provides food for all devotees..  How fortunate was I to be there, I thank Bhagavan for this..

then, accidently or unintentionally i opened the gates of a small house near mahalingeshwarar temple on the pathway, uttering Arunachala Siva Arunachala Siva,  and the sadhu inside their started chanting "Arunachala Siva.. Arunachalam.. Arunachala Siva.. Arunachalammmm.." then I came to know from him that the hut belongs to Ashram and that is place where Bhagavan and mother lived for some time before or after they were in Virupaksha Guhai.  again, i melted in myself and praise Bhagavan for his glory and grace !!.

this way, i had so many experiences.. all blessed by Bhagavan. then, one sadhu took us to Mookupodi siddhar.. that morning, i didn't eat, i walked up to 6kms with empty stomach in hot sun.. he said, if we were lucky we can see him around.. to our surprise, he was found in Sri Ragavendrar temple.. they were serving free food in the temple, however i wanted to sit near him first giving up hunger, then my friend said we shall take food as it is getting time, around 1PM. so i walked up and took my plate and again sat near him, he looked at us and then he woke up, walked up to food place and returned. people around there, brought food for him.. he squatted and started eating. the sadhu who accompanied us said, it was not natural to see him eat food and he started eating food along with me, said we were fortunate ! Ha ! again, i donno whether it was true or not, however eating food with a person like him was a great experience. yet, he didn't allow anybody to come near him. everybody would come, keep something near to him and run away.. otherwise he will shout and hit.. only few get a chance of talking to him or so.. he just wraps an old bedsheet or shawl around him, nothing else, not even koupinam..  he keeps inhaling that mooku podi - don't know the right name in english (a powder sniffed through nostrils)..

apart from everything, i was told by all the sadhus that they face rowdies problem very often and many cheats are around the mountain.. drunkards and rowdies would pluck all their belongings and hit them too..  another thing i noticed is, there are many people calling them as sadhus or sannaysis but not actually so... and, in tiruvannamalai, food is never a problem... there are many places where they give free food (annadhanam) these sadhus are eating and taking rest and sometimes begging for money.. i offered fruits but they want money !!!

anyway, i had so many lessons.. some of my understandings were wrong with respect to people around that place and also i understood Arunachala will accept only the right ripened souls, others will be thrown out till they are properly baked !

thanks for reading my topic, if it bored you.. so sorry for that..

with love

Arunachala Siva.. Arunachala Siva..


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Re: Stayed in Arunachala
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2011, 05:26:10 PM »

Dear saraskrishna,

You are fortunate to have such wonderful experiences and it is nice to hear from you
the experiences.  Arunachala is a great riddle.  Some Westerner has heard Sama
Veda when she was meditating inside the Virupaksha Cave. Arunachala's
mysteries can be many.  Each one, according to their good karmas get suitable
experience.  One another couple, Indian brahmins during Sri Bhagavan's time,
did meditation in Adi Annamalai and they also heard samaveda being chanted
at night.

Arunachala Siva.