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Friday Message Aug 12
« on: August 12, 2011, 10:34:30 AM »
Today is Varalakshmi pooja day.

Let us re-call as usual all women saints like Seetha maatha,  Radha, Rukmini Devi, Sathya Bhaama,  Karaikkal Ammaiyar,Meera Bai,  Sarada  Devi, Bhairavi Brahmi, Anandamayi maa, Jillelamudi Amma,  Mother Alagammal, Cow Lakshmi,   Mathru Sri Sarada the living jnani and others I have left out here.

The all powerful Lord is the Mother of the entire Universe.

Having seen the innumerbale minds suffering in their own creations like waves of a Ocean, going here and there,  sometimes the Lord manifests like a huge tsunami wave that will carry other smaller waves together and submerge them into the ocean of Brahmananda.

These womean saints never attained that state in that birth --  they were born perfect almost. Almost perferct -- so to say,  it is not a ignorant birth.  They did very little or no sadhana to complete the perferction state and thereby serve only by Divine will to our humanity.

These saints distributed love wherever they went or stayed.  They constantly emanate love,  Love alone.

Whoever respects, adores them is saved from the greatest dangers.  Even one may be a sense enjoyer,  if he falls at the above women saints lotus feet, their motherly affection will immediately pour into and purify that person.

The very easy path, the path that never fails is hence to constantly think of their Love and of their forms.

Anbe Sivam --   if we cannot practice detachment,  let us practice this Universal Love. Let us attach oursevles to all situations, all people, all forms of life,  all creatures.  Let us love everybody.

Then where is the place for illusion or Maya?

The Truth has its one beautiful charm.   When Sun arises, nobody need to make an annoucnement that Day has come.

So like with these Avatars.  There is no question of belief or non belief with them.  They are Pratyaksham to our senses, body and to every cells.  No body can doubt or hate them,  for they are the clear Messengers of Divine,  they are appointed by the Supreme Will to ease the karma burden and eventually to destroy the cycle of birth and death of many souls together.

Sarva Mukthi --  whoever had their darshan when they were alive are very lucky.  For what is done by us for thousands of years, cannot be equal to their One Glance.

Let us all pray to them earnestly for another Mass Universal Women Avatar to come into our 21st century and at once deliver many Sadhaks who are earnet but not have the strength to conquer maya.

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