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Panchadasi - (160)
« on: August 27, 2008, 04:45:12 PM »
The Chapter XIII continues....

Verse 94:- Even though a man standing on the banks of a
river sees his body reflected upsidedown in the water, he
nevertheless identifies himself with his own body on the
shore.  Similarly, an aspirant after realization of Brahman
should know himself as Brahman, and not as anything else.

(The body consciousness is lost or disregarded, as in the case
of the shadow in the waters of the river, since the Real is
attained. Recall Bhagavan's various life incidents.)

Verse 95:-  Just as in day-dreaming, people see thousands
of mental pictures, but in the practical world, they disregard
them all, so should names and forms be disregarded.

("All the world is a dream, and all the men and women are
actors." - Shakespeare.  "There is a time, there is a time,
when everything looks alike." - T.S. Eliot.)

Verse 96:- Different mental projections are formed every
moment, while those which pass are lost for ever.  The objects
of the practical world should be looked upon similarly.

Verse 97:-  Childhood is lost in youth.  And youth is lost in
old age.  The father once dead does not return.  The day
which is past never comes back.

(Bhagavan told Rangan, His class-mate in Tiruchuzhi: "That
Venkataraman is dead and gone. I am not the same." )

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.