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Friday message
« on: August 05, 2011, 01:59:42 PM »
Mother Shakthi is always gracious.

There are 10 Maha vidyas of Divine Mother.

In that Kaali,  Chinnamastha,  Bagalamukhi forms are very ferocious.

Some tantrics approach these deities with lot of rajas in their mind and selfish motives.  But always sattvic mind is liked by the Mother.  When one approaches with lot of Sattva in the mind,   the Grace is assured come in all of these forms.

Chinnamastha form is very ferocious --  laltiha sahasranamam does not mention this name but hints the location where this Devi resides as Baanu Mandala Madhyastha.
Meaning this Devi resides in Surya Mandalam.

The famous Sri Vidhya and Sri Chakra that is also adopted in Ramansramam is one of these 10 Maha Vidhyaas only.

Varahi -- though not one in the Dasa Maha vidhyas is one of the most powerful Devi Amsa.

It is most beneficial to worship wome saints as Dasa Maha Vidhyas.

I carry a lot of interest on Devi Worship perhaps from past births.

But after coming to Maharishee ,  lot of love, sattvic nature and surrender has added to the Devi worship I was doing.

Kaali -- is the destoryer of time and space -- she can put anyone into immediate Nirvana state when that person prays very ardently.

Lot of ill motive sadhaks worship her in Smashan. 

I have not heard about any sattvic sadhak worshipping in Smashan but there are class of Bhairva saints who are genuine and who are self realised.   They may live in dense forests or aloof areas of Haridwar or Kasi and it is very tough to recognize them and get their diksha and grace.  That is not required also.

Point is --  the force and the boundary of Divine Shakthi is unlimited -- Mother though outwardly appearing ferocious and anger,  that anger is only Divine anger.  Pitfalls are very much probable who approach these fercioius forms with vested interests.

But with the guidance of a Guru like our Maharishee,  any sadhana is always protected and sadhaks cannot fall, even if they fall, Maharishee will come to the rescue at the right time.