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few words on death
« on: July 29, 2011, 11:49:18 AM »
I posted the below reply in another thread. But I feel it is worthwhile to post this in a separate topic so that our devotees dont miss this out and may derive any benefit as per Maharishee's will.

I was very involved in reading occult sciences before coming to Maharishee.  However nowadays I am not thinking about them much.  Neverthless,  you can watch yourselves intently all through your wake, dream, sleep, mixture of wake and sleep, mixture of wake and dream etc.

Intent watchfulness will reveal so many things.

" Death is like deep sleep or may be like dream (with angels, heaven, hell and so on) but when the karmic seeds of the wakeful state are sprouted the mind is born again creating a new body and new "real world". I know I sound strange but what do you think ksksat27"

However Death is not so easy as you have mentioned.  It is not a matter of meeting angels or hell that simply.  Even though our Ramana devotees should only concentrate on self enquiry and not on these things,  let me give some background of death here. This will help in not going into over confidence.

In death, what happens is that, a very important and integrated component -- the prana  subsides and leave the body.  It is not even leaving the body,  the pranan becomes totally inactive and our breath is stopped,  resulting in the total arrest of all movements and expressions of the mind.  Until now mind has been expressing itself thorugh the body and sense organs.  Now that entire body and sense organs is lost and the prana the main carrier of the mind has become bereft of any energy.   This will lead to an unconscious state much similar to coma after death.  It is not easy to overcome this unconscious state unless one has very very deep and sincere sadhana done during his life time.  Only after pro-longed unconscious state one will start experiencing so called heaven and  hell states,  in the subtler plane.  And a prolonged subtler dreams and subtle body is necessary for the mind before it can take another physical body where the prana will be entirely a fresh and new one,  not the old prana.

All superficial self enquiry or devotion may not help the mind immediatley after death.  In the long run it will yield results in some manner,  but to overcome the fear of death at that very moment of death and to prevent one becoming unconscious,  a vigorous self enquiry , japa and devotion is a pre requisite.   

Maharihsee has himself acknowledged that mind becomes unconcious for some time and then sprouts back later.

So the point is,  death is not a easy matter to be taken into,   it is very complex for most of us,  for our entire investment into our food body nourishment comes to an end,  leaving one to dwell within onself without an aid to express outward.

When one had many desires and failed to control them in his lifetime,  death becomes a most cumbersome process.  Also the attachment one has to the body will create untold miseries for the mind at the time of death.

So what is required by the sadhak  while living is not to get afraid of death, but at the same time   take it very seriously.  Before death comes, one should deal with all desires and annihilate them at their very root. Atleast great efforts must be directed towards conquering desires.  The pleasure seeking senses must be looked into intently and questioned with a very deep mind and not a superficial level.  Every pride arising out of sadhana must be questioned then and there.

Faith in Guru and complete Devotion to his name and form will really aid in the critical moment of death.


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Re: few words on death
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2011, 02:11:01 PM »

Dear Krishna,

Nice. Desires and vasanas [latent tendencies to revive desires]
should be curbed and the mind must be clean to make the death
easy and attain godhead.

Arunachala Siva.