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Greatness of Para Shakthi.
« on: July 26, 2011, 03:25:02 PM »
Dispassion sets in.

No more the same person,  everything, every emotion, every desire, every fear is now being looked upon with a tremendous force of doubt.

Earlier I doubted myself.  Now I doubt the doubts themselves.

Still desires are there, fears are there,  but now a new factor of Grace has started working.

When desire goes to a high state,  there is a tension and a feel of defeat all through my veins simultaneously.

I cry from the depth of my being in those times for Divine help,  the help from Mother Durga the primordial shakthi of this creation.

At other times when mind is relatively not attacked by the force of desires, I try to dwell in the 'Aham' feeling.

Guru Bhakthi is foremost --  but nowadyas japa of Guru's name  just goes on.  The "I" which claimed to do the japa is now getting weakened.  That "I" is becoming lesser and lesser.

Sometimes I do japa, sometimes I try to abide in "I am"

Whatever may be, the deepest desires comes to the forefront time and again.

The Divine and the Demoniac is having direct encounter --  remarkable progress is being made. All negativities gets transformed into postive prayer.

Even when I cry in despair at difficult times,  nowadays a new blend of asking for Grace is being added to that negative despair state.  When I observe it for few moments, I find a beauty in crying in despair for Grace of Mother Durga.

This leaf is following the path from which initially it came out -- the Shakthi Upasana.  But there is a difference,  now the Divine Shakthi is adored as a non angry, non tantric force, full of Love, Love and Love alone.

In Kaali and Chinnamasta, in vaaraahi and shuulini I see this love nowadays,  everywhere this Love exists and the same Love has taken the form of Mathru Sri Sarada, my Guru.

At this stage of my sadhana, only one request I have to Supreme Mother Para Shakthi --  'Oh Mightier Mother, you have the power to push down even the greates yogis who did penance for thousands of ages.

You  have the power to make one cry and laugh in material world as a ignorant puppet.

You are the very same force who deludes unenlightened people into the illusitno that they have realised.

You are the very same maya who can enter into any type of sadhana and distort it.

Oh all powerful Mother,  nobody can near your regime, for you are guarding the greatest Treasure of Knowledge, Bliss and Nirguna Brahman.     

Only those rare ones who gets your grace , can ever cross this creation and abide in Nirvikalpa Samadhi. All others will be deluded by me into darkness.

Only two things can ever get your grace -- if a person is humble and pray to you in fullest humility, you may raise that person into a jnani.

But more than this,  if a person just always thinks of his Guru's lotus feet in all love and humility,  then he is definitely saved. For such a person,  Nirvana experience comes unasked.

Adoratoins to you, the greatest Mother,  all powerful Adhi Shakthi."


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Re: Greatness of Para Shakthi.
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2011, 05:15:54 PM »

Dear Krishna,

If Maya nets you in worldly life, and creates problems through
your ego, she is called Maya.  If you overcome the demands
of ego and passions and miseries and depressions and anxieties,
then, she starts helping you in your quest. Then she is Suddha
Maya. A knife can be used to kill a person. The same knife
can be used to cut a mango fruit.

Arunachala Siva.