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14th April 1950 according to Vedic Astrology:


(This is an article from Mountain Path, April - June 2016:


(The Asramam Management approached Ramana Devotee Gayatri Devi Vasudev - editor of Modern
Astrology Magazine and former editor of the Astrological Magazine - to hear her opinion on Bhagavan's 
Mahanirvana according to the principle of Vedic Astrology.  In commenting on the main divisional chart
(Navamsa), among other things, Gayatri Devi said that in her 43 years studying of Jyotish, she had
'not come across such a configuration.'  The following pages contain a brief look at this great moment
from the Jyotishical perspective.


My father, Dr.B.V. Raman, who revived and resurrected Jyotisha (Vedic astrology) in the 20th century,
treated it as an academic subject that could be studied like any other such as physics, mathematics,
and literature. He and I shared a deep and abiding devotion to Bhagavan, the great Sage of Tiruvannamalai.
Father would often recall his meeting with the Maharshi in 1938,and the sense of peace and well being he
experienced in His presence which never left him.

The circumstances that took my father to Bhagavan were unusual. My great grandfather, Prof. B.
Suryanarain Rao, who pioneered astrological journalism was the mainstay of a large extended family
of nearly 40 members.  He had passed away in March 1937.   My father had always been dutiful and
caring but now he was left with taking care not only of his own immediate family by a large concourse
of relatives.  His grandfather had been greatly pained to have to close down The Astrological Magazine
which he had founded in 1926.  But father started it in September 1936, and its revival delighted my
great grandfather to no ends during the last six months of his life.  But my great grandfather to no ends
during the last six months of his life.  But my great grandfather's death saw the lands in our family village
auctioned away. Printer's and other bills mounted and the financial situation became very bad.  There were
more children now and father's own family was growing.  Everything seemed to press in around him.


Arunachala Siva.                 


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Re: The Celestial Foil to Bhagavan's Mahanirvana - Gayatri Devi Vasudev:
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One night, my father had a dream in which Sri Ramana Maharshi, the great Sage of Tiruvannamlai,
appeared to him and asked him to come to Tiruvannamalai.  Father departed the very next day and
came to Sri Ramanasramam.  He was given a small thatched shed with another devotee who was the
editor of a periodical called Sind Observer.  In the evening my father went to the Hall where the Maharshi
was reclining on His sofa.  He introduced himself as the grandson of Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao.  The Sage
gently smiled and made a sign for him to sit.   Soon it was time for dinner and father was fortunate to find
himself sitting next to the Sage who spoke to him kindly in Telugu.

'Swami, I need your blessings', my father said, meekly.

'Everything will be alright', Bhagavan assured him.

These words were like a soothing balm to my agitated father who, as a young man of 26 years, was
facing problems on every front.

Later, the Asramam Sarvadhikari Chinnaswami, a saintly man himself, and the Maharshi's brother,
placed a chart in my father's hands and asked him, 'How is this chart spiritually?'

A glance at it was sufficient to show that it must be the chart of the Maharshi.  Explaining the planetary
positions to Sarvadhikari, my father said, 'The chart appears to be of one who is at the peak of spiritual
illumination.  An intense mental and spiritual struggle would have been overcome before perceiving the

The answer greatly pleased the Sarvadhikari.  The chart was indeed the Maharshi's.             

Father later discussed the Maharshi's horoscope in detail based on the particulars provided by Sarvadhikari
in his book, Notable Horoscopes. It has also been dealt with by me in The Astrological Magazine (1936-
1947) wherein I highlighted the planetary positions during Bhagavan's death experience and which was also
carried in these pages some years ago.  Every major event in the life of an illumined soul such as
Bhagavan's has significant patterns of the Navagrahas (nine planets) that clearly reflect the the nature and
importance of the event.


April 14, 1950, was no exception.  A brilliant column of light rose from the humble environs of Sri
Ramanasramam in the holy town of Tiruvannamalai blazing into the night sky even as countless
devotees across the country watched in awe and trepidation.  The time was 8.47 pm.  when the deeply
spiritual sign Scorpio was ascending the eastern horizon with its ruler Mars in Virgo with Kaivalyakaraka
Ketu (natural significator of the Ultimate) aspected by the 9th lord Dharmastanadhipati Moon from the
5th house, the house of spirituality.  (Chart I).


Arunachala Siva.             


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Re: The Celestial Foil to Bhagavan's Mahanirvana - Gayatri Devi Vasudev:
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Chart I - Rasi:

Meenam -  Rahu  14-54;  Moon 2-38.

Mesha - vacant

Vrishabha  - vacant

Mithunam  - vacant.

Kataka - vacant.

Simha -  Sat 21-39.

Kanya - Mars (R) 2-28; Ketu 14-54.

Thulam - vacant

Vrischika  -  Ascdt.  6-38.

Dhanus - vacant

Makara - vacant.

Kumbha - Venus 16-04; Jupiter 8-09/

Mahanirvana - April 14, 1950, 20 h.47 m at 12 N 12. 79 E 06.

Chart II - Navamsa:

Meena  - vacant.

Mesham - Sat

Vrishaba - Ketu

Mithuna - vacant

Kataka -  Moon

Simha  - Ascdt.

Kanya  - Mercury.

Thula - Sat (R)

Vrischika - Rahu

Dhanus - Jupiter   

Makara - Mars

Kumbha - Venus.


The Sun, the Atmakaraka, symbolizing the soul of the universe, had just entered his sign of exaltation Aries
and was in a state of great dignity and strength being in Vargottama Navamsa, in his state of highest abidance.   


Arunachala Siva.
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Re: The Celestial Foil to Bhagavan's Mahanirvana - Gayatri Devi Vasudev:
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This planetary pattern provided the perfect celestial foil for Bhagavan to give up the physical body that
had shackled the Supreme Consciousness, his true Self, for over seven decades.  The week day was Friday
whose lord Venus was also Vargottama in the Aquarius, the sign of the pitcher symbolizing the quenching of
spiritual thirst of humanity.  Very appropriately, Venus was with Jnanakaraka (natural significator of the
Supreme Knowledge) Jupiter.

Birth Chart: December 30, 1879 at 1 am 9 N 50, 77 E 50.


Meenam - Saturn 18-30

Mesha - Mars 23-24.

Vrishabha -  vacant

Mithuna -  Ketu 25-21; Moon 29-51.

Kataka   -  vacant

Simha - vacant

Kanya  - vacant

Thula - Ascdt.  2-18

Vrischika -  Venus 1-55; Mercury 24-33.

Dhanus - Rahu 25-21;  Sun 17-02.

Makaram - vacant

Kumbha - Jupiter 17-55.

Navamsa of Rasi Chart:

Meena  - Jupiter

Mesha   -      vacant

Rishabha - Ketu

Mithuna - Moon

Kataka - Venus

Simha  - vacant

Kanya  - Sun

Thula - Ascdt.

Vrischika - Mars; Rahu.

Dhanus - Saturn

Makaram - vacant

Kumbha - Mercury


Arunachala Siva.
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Re: The Celestial Foil to Bhagavan's Mahanirvana - Gayatri Devi Vasudev:
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The interesting feature here is of the Moon situated in Purvabhadrapada in Meena, a nakshatra which,
ruled by Jupiter and being in the last sign of the zodiac, stands for Moksha or final liberation.  This
nakshatra, it is to be noted, is the Trijanma tara or the trinal nakshatra of Punarvasu, the Maharshi's
Janma nakshatra (Chart 2), both ruled by Jupiter.  Punarvasu lies in the airy sign of Mithuna which very
appropriately shows the path of Jnana which is what Bhagavan showed and gave the world through the
path of inquiry Who am I?.  This subtle connection between birth and release nakshatra leaves little doubt
of the Divinity that took shape in the form of Bhagavan in answer to the cries of devotees around the world
for spiritual succor.

Looking at the navamsa which is an integral part of the horoscope and more important than any other
Shodavarga (16 sub divisional charts), the planetary arrangement is simply staggering.  Every single
planet obtains unusual dignity and strength reflecting the core event occurring under this design.
The Sun is exalted in Aries, the Moon occupies the deeply spiritual sign of Cancer, which is also his own
sign.  Mars is in his sign of exaltation in Capricorn.  Mercury also is in his exaltation sign, Jupiter occupies
his Moolatrikona (own sign) in Sagittarus, Venus is Vargottama in friendly Aquarius, Saturn is in Libra
in his sign of exaltation, and both Rahu in Scorpio and Ketu in Taurus become extra-ordinarily strong
by virtue of obtaining neechabhanga from multiple strong resources.   This unusual pattern can mean nothing
but a supreme spiritual event occurring under it.

All said and done, no astrological or other rational explanation can do justice to Bhagavan's life and transition
for He is beyond worlds, beyond the grasp of the intellect and the mind.  This analysis is simple act of devotion
at Bhagavan's Feet.


Navamasa or the chief divisional chart; Vargottama from Varga (meaning division. + uttama (meaning the
best) is when a planet occupies identical Rasis in both main chart and the Navamsa.

Nakshatra or lunar mansion, one of 27 segments along the ecliptic whose names indicate the key
asterisms in each area of fixed heavens.

Neecha (meaning debilitated) + bhanga (meaning annulled) means the debilitation is cancelled,
a feature that gives dignity and strength to a planet's placement.



Arunachala Siva.