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Arunachala Girivalam 2011
« on: February 14, 2011, 11:46:44 AM »
The dates and times for Full Moon and Girivalam, direct from the office of Arunachaleswarar Temple, are posted below.

Starts: January 19 – 5.07 a.m.
Ends: January 20 – 3.30 a.m.
Girivalam Date: January 19

Starts: February 17 – 4.54 p.m.
Ends: February 18 – 2.51 p.m.
Girivalam Date: February 18

Starts: March 18 – 2.53 p.m.
Ends: March 19 – 12.31 p.m.
Girivalam Date: March 19

Starts: April 17 – 11.29 a.m.
Ends: April 18 -- 9.09 a.m.
Girivalam Date: April 17

Starts: May 16 -- 7.33 p.m.
Ends: May 17 -- 5.34 p.m.
Girivalam Date: May 17

Starts: June 15 – 3.49 a.m.
Ends: June 16 -- 2.24 p.m.
Girivalam Date: June 15

Starts: July 14 – 1.17 p.m.
Ends: July 15 -- 12.45 p.m.
Girivalam Date: July 14

Starts: August 12 -- 11.53 p.m.
Ends: August 13 -- 1.25 p.m.
Girivalam Date: August 13

Starts: September 11 -- 1.55 p.m.
Ends: September 12 – 3.18 p.m.
Girivalam Date: September 12

Starts: October 11 -- 5.56 a.m.
Ends: October 12 – 7.59 a.m.
Girivalam Date: October 11

Starts: November 9 -- 12.31 p.m.
Ends: November 10 -- 2.33 p.m.
Girivalam Date: November 10

Starts: December 9 -- 7.18 p.m.
Ends: December 10 -- 8.41 p.m.
Girivalam Date: December 10


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Re: Arunachala Girivalam 2011
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2011, 12:54:11 PM »


Dear prasanth,

Thanks for the information given.  The girivalam dates are also written in the notice boards of some temples around the giri valam route. However, one should take pains to write it down, in case he wants to visit Arunachala during one of these dates.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Arunachala Girivalam 2011
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2011, 06:42:35 AM »
subramanian sir,

could you enlighten all of us on the mahimai of doing girivalam doing poornima?! what are the special benefits during this time which really prompt soo many crores of people to throng arunachala! do these benefits not happen when we do girivalam during normal days?

Thank you subramanian sir..



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Re: Arunachala Girivalam 2011
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2011, 09:30:59 AM »

Dear SLakshmi,

Siva remained as a huge flame of Light and asked Brahma and Vishnu to find Its feet and crown, when the latter two were fighting with each other as to who was greater.  Brahma represents intellect and Vishnu, the ego.  Brahma took a swan and flew above to find the Light's crown and Vishnu as a boar went deeper into the earth to find the feet.  When Vishnu agreed to his inability, Brahma uttered a lie saying that he had seen the crown and one Thazhambu [I do not know its botanical name in English]. For uttering the lie, Brahma was punished when Siva clipped out one of his heads.  The whole episode took place on Ardra asterism day on Dhanur month.  Thereafter, Siva changed himself into a Hill and Brahma, Vishnu and other gods prayed to Him on Kumbha, Masi,
Sivaratri day.

Since Siva first remained as a column of Light, light was burnt on Karitaka, full moon days from time immemorial.  Even the old Sangam literature in Tamizh speaks about this Kartikai Deepam.  Kartika Pournami falls on naturally on a full moon day.  From that time, not only during Deepam festival but also in every full moon day, devotees started circumambulating the  Hill.  This giri valam is also an old custom. Right from Vajarangatha Pandyan days [15th century] this is being followed.  Since Siva is Hill Itself, giri valam is equivalent to going round Siva.  The temple of Arunachaleswara also came around 10th century.  Several kings made improvements in the temple, by adding various structures.  Only Lingam was there in the beginning.

Devi in order to get half the form of Siva is also said to have done giri pradakshina. 

The detailed accounts are available in Sri Arunachala Mahatmyam
book and also in Arunachala Puranam book written originally in
Tamizh.  The Mahatmyam was compiled from various old scriptures like Skandam, Siva Puranam etc.,

Arunachala Siva.