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Panchadasi - (145)
« on: August 27, 2008, 12:31:05 PM »
The Chapter XIII continues.....

Verse 32:- Before the creation of the pot, the power of giving
rise to a pot, is implied in the clay.  With the help of the potter
and other means, the clay is transformed into a pot.

Verse 33:-  People of immature minds, confound the properties
to the effect, with those of the cause, the clay, and speak of it
as the pot.

Verse 34:-  The clay, before the potter worked on it, cannot
be called a pot.  But is proper to call it a pot, when it acquires
the properties such as the thickness, hollowness, and so forth.

Verse 35:- The pot is not different from the clay, as it has not
existence apart from the clay.  It is neither identical with the
clay as in the unmoulded clay, it is not perceived.

Verse 36:-  Therefore the pot, a product of power, can only
be called indescribable, like the power which produces it.
Hence, the product of power when imperceptible, is simply
called, power, and when perceptible it is called a pot.

(Bhagavan Sri Ramana, used to say that the electricity as
power which is imperceptible, and the burning light and
rotating fan as perceptible.)

To be contd....   

Arunachala Siva.