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Panchadasi - (142)
« on: August 27, 2008, 12:03:29 PM »
The Chapter XIII continues...

Verse 20:- ' O Rama, when the all pervasive, eternal and
infinite Self assumes the power of cognition, we call it
the mind.'

Verse 21:-  ' O Prince, first arises the mind, then the notion
of bondage and release and then the universe consisting of
many worlds.  Thus all this manifestation has been fixed
or settled in human minds, like the tales told to amuse children!'

(Bhagavan also says in Who am I?  What is real is the Swarupa.
The Jagat, the individual soul, and Isvara are imaginations, (due
to the mind.) )

Verse 22:- "To amuse a child,  O mighty one, the nurse relates
some beautiful story:  'Once upon a time, there were three
handsome princes....' "

Verse 23:- " ....' Two of them were never born, and the third
was never even conceived in his mother's womb.  They lived
righeously in a city which never existed....'  "

(Viveka Choodamani also says,  The individual soul which is
itself unreal, takes up the vehicle of air, and travels in space,
to find the devil that is  like a disappeared rainbow and kills it
and conquers the city that had already been destroyed.)

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.