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continued ..

Kabir, one of the greatest inspired poets of medieval India, recounts his experience in this way:
Mind turning inward has become one with mind, ignorant before, I found knowledge with Guru’s grace. Reversing the breath, piercing the six circles (Chakras), I fixed the mind on Shunya (the Void).
(Kabir, by Parasnath Tewari.)

Lalleshwari, the famous mystic poetess of Kashmir, makes a similar avowal in these words:
After penetrating through the six forests (the six chakras) the crescent of the moon (i.e. the ambrosial stream of soma) welled up in me.

Similarly Mira Bai, another great mystic poetess, whose beautiful lyrics delight the hearts of millions all over India even today, in a song addressed to a Yogi, calls upon him to kindle in her the fire of Kundalini.

Kanhupada, one of the Buddhist Siddhacaryas, relates his own experience:
The nerves are brought fully under control. The beating of the "Anaha Damru" (the inner melody) is rising tremendously. Kanha, the Kapalika Yogi, is engaged in Yogic practices. He roams about in the city of the body. The Ali and Kali (Ida and Pingala) are made the bell and anklets. The sun and the moon have been made the earrings. All his passions, hatred and false attachment have been burnt into ashes, and his body is rubbed with ashes therefrom. He is wearing the pearl necklace of final salvation.

Vinapada, another Siddhacarya mystic poet, describes the same experience in this way:
The sun (Pingala) is the gourd, the moon (Ida) is the string and Avadhuti (Sushumna) is the stand. The music is Anahata (the inner melody). Hear, my darling, the "Heruka Vina" (the lyre of oblivion) is being played; the tune of the vacantness mingles in the music of compassion.
. .(From The Caryapadas, by Mojunder.)

The staggering effect of the transformation is experienced in two ways. The initiate finds himself swimming in a boundless ocean of radiant consciousness, just a tiny point of observation lost in the immensity of the living world, which now grips with a fascination impossible to describe, all his attention to the exclusion of the physical world and everything in it. He feels himself to be one with this all-encompassing Presence yet, at the same time, a tiny point of individualized awareness in this vast ocean of immortal Being, a puny self, aware of its own limitation as compared to the Infinity now unfolded before his inner eye.

The whole area of this boundless ocean of existence is flooded with wave after wave of inexpressible super-earthly rapture of which the highest transport of carnal love can only convey an extremely faint picture to those who do not have the experience. It is this divine ecstasy which the allegoric love-play of Radha and Krishna or the union of Shiva and Shakti is designed to convey.

Homage to the Universal Being...Om Shanti ... Om Shanti ... Om Shanti ...