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Sri Rama Hridayam
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Sri Rama Hridhyam
Sri Rama Hridhyam is Sri Rama's teaching to Hanuman.

Adhyatma Ramayana is the story of Rama as taught by Siva to Parvathi. It contains many excellent teachings including Sri Rama Gita where Rama instructs Lakshmana about the Truth.
Adhyatma Ramayana starts with Mother Parvathi requesting Siva to explain how Rama, who is none other than the Supreme Lord, behaved like an ordinary human being, crying for his wife etc. Siva explains the whole Philosophy of Sri Rama in Adhyatma Ramayana.

Sri Rama Hridhayam is in the very beginning. It is a concise yet complete teaching in itself. We shall study this text here.

To Parvathi's question, Siva answers like this:

"Sri Rama is SAT-CIT-ANANDA, which is ever still. All this is seen on him, due to his Maya Sakti, which is Sita. Maya being dependent on him cannot cause him any infactuation."

and he then goes onto elaborate on it by narrating the conversation that took place between Sita, Rama and Hanuman. After Rama destroyed Ravana and was anointed as the king, Rama looked at Hanuman who was seated at their feet. Hanuman had fulfilled all their missions and was a true Baktha and he was also a desirer of Knowledge. Hence Rama asked Sita to explain to Hanuman their True Nature. Sita Mata explained : Know Rama to be Pure Brahman in whose presence I made this whole universe appear. Ignorant people super-impose on him all these activities , while its actually I whole made all this happen.

After Sita Mata's instructions, Rama himself started to teach Hanuman the Truth. This teaching is called Sri Rama Hridayam.


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Re: Sri Rama Hridayam
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Dear srkudai,

I have not read Sri Rama Hridayam.  Sri Lakshmana Sarma called his translation and commentary of Sad Darsnam as Sri Ramana Hridayam.

He says:

The aspirant, when naturally taking this path [of Ramana Way]
needs a guide, a guru.  And the only proper guru is the one who
has himself reached that state and abides in it all the time without intermission [like Sri Rama].  Such a one is called a Jivan Mukta
which means one, who even during life, is ever in natural state
called Sahaja Samadhi.  Such one is Sri Ramana or Sri Rama.

One who is able to recognize that Bhagavan is so has the right
to study this Revleation [like Hanuman].

Arunachala Siva.