Author Topic: Part 3 - Important Couplets From Vedanta Panchadasi By Sri Vidyaranya Swami  (Read 3055 times)


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Translated by Swami Swahananda Published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai

102. The Yogis postulate the existence of Ishvara. Prakriti functions owing to the proximity of consciousness and Ishvara is the controller of Prakriti. He is quite distinct from and superior to the Jivas, says the Shruti.

108. It is a fact that the Jivas, too, are not affected by sufferings etc., as they too are unattached; but when they fail to comprehend their real nature, they imagine that they are affected by sufferings, works and so forth.

116. So say people who worship the creator Brahma for obtaining children and quote
passages which say, ‘Brahma created the people’.

117. The Bhagavatas call Vishnu the only Ishvara because the lotus-born Brahma
issued from the navel of Vishnu.

118. The Saivas on the authority of their Agamas declare Shiva alone to be Ishvara,
as according to a tradition in the Puranas, Vishnu in spite of all his efforts could not discover the feet of Shiva.

119. The followers of the creed of Ganesha say that the elephant-faced Lord is the
only Ishvara for Shiva in order to conquer the demons of the three cities worshipped

120. There are many other sects which try to declare their own favourite deity to be
the supreme. They quote hymns from Shruti and alleged traditions in support of their

121. So every entity from the Inner Ruler to inert objects is considered as Ishvara by someone or other, for we find that even the sacred fig tree, the sun-plant and the
bomboo etc., are worshipped by the people as family deities.

143. Even if all the learned people of the world try to determine the nature of this world, they will find themselves confronted at some stage or other by ignorance.

144. Tell us, if you can, how the body and senses came out of the seed, or how
consciousness was born in the foetus. What answers will you give to these questions

146. In the end you will have to say, ‘I do not know’. Therefore the wise declare this world to be like a magic show.

147. What can be more magical than the fact that the seed in the uterus becomes a conscious individual, that it develops head, hands, feet and other organs, that it passes through the states of childhood, youth and old age and that it perceives, eats,smells, hears, comes and goes ?

152. As the tree is latent in the seed, so the waking and dreaming worlds are implicit in deep sleep. Similarly, the impressions of the entire universe are latent in Maya.

185. The creation and destruction of the world are comparable to day and night, to
the waking and sleeping states, to the opening and closing of the eyes and the
activity and quiescense of the mind.

199. There are two types of Shruti text describing the creation of the world either as a gradual evolution or as instantaneous. There is no contradiction, for the dream
world sometimes arises gradually out of deep sleep, but at other times it arises

200. Hiranyagarbha or Sutratman, otherwise called the subtle-body, is the totality of
the subtle bodies of all Jivas. He conceives Himself as the totality of all egos or ‘I’ - consciousnesses, like the threads of a piece of cloth; and He is said to be endowed with the powers of volition, conation and cognition.

209. In whatever form Ishvara is worshipped, the worshipper obtains the appropriate
reward through that form. If the method of worship and the conception of the
attributes of the deity worshipped are of a high order, the reward also is of a high
order; but if otherwise, it is not.

210. The Liberation, however, can be obtained through the knowledge of reality and not otherwise. The dreaming does not end until the dreamer awakes.

216. From the worshippers of objects like grass to the followers of Yoga, all have
wrong ideas about Ishvara. From the materialist Charvakas to the followers of
Sankhya, all have confused ideas about Jiva.

219. Therefore the aspirants to liberation should never engage themselves in
disputations about the nature of Jiva and Ishvara. They ought to practise
discrimination and realise the reality of Brahman.

220. (Doubt): Such disputation is a means to the understanding of Brahman.
(Reply): It may be so, but be careful to avoid being drowned helplessly in the sea of

221. (Doubt): All right, but the Vedantins must accept the Sankhya doctrine that Jiva
and Ishvara are associationless, pure consciousness and eternal and the Yoga
doctrine that Jiva and Ishvara, referred to as ‘thou’ and ‘that’ respectively in the
dictum ‘That thou art’, are of a pure nature.



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Chitradeepa - Verses 143-144:

What Vidyaranya says is happening even today.  In the Switzerland-
France border, about 10000 scientists have gathered since 6 months
with their machine called Large Hadron Collider and are trying
to find the first primary particle that emerged after the Big Bang.
They say that it is God's Particle and from which the worlds must
have formed.  So god is there in that particle!  What a foolish
premise!  Can God be found out in the outside?  God or the Self
is within.  How can one find God outside.  The Collider has
broken down a few times and has been re-started.  If it the project
is a success, the particle so found will only be a Positron or a type
of another Neutron and definitely not God, says Stephen Hawking,
the famous astrophysicist.

Siva Vayar, a Siddha, says in his verse:

I ran, ran and ran here and there to find out the Light outside.
I never knew that the Light is within me, till my Guru told me.
Now I am keeping still [Summa Iru] and meditate and get ananda
from the Light within.

All that is outside is a form of Prakruti.  Unless Prakruti is prayed
to and surrendered to, she [Sakti] will not direct you to within.

The funny thing is that these scientists have kept a Nataraja icon
on the front potral of their laboratory and they are praying to
Him, everyday for 2 minutes to help the discovery.  Nataraja must
be laughing within Himself.

Arunachala Siva.     


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Chitradeepa - Verse 210.

This is a gem of a verse.  Liberation or God's abode is only through
Jnana.  Sri Sankara starts Vivekachudamani that even crores of
good karmas, devotional practices will not confer liberation.
Liberation is only through Jnana and this must be only through
self inquiry and not by karmas etc.,   The Key is self inquiry.  Not
various good karmas and meditational practices and yoga and not
from finding the God's particle in a laboratory.  This Self Inquiry
should be learned from a competent Guru. 

All things outside are Prakruti's magic.  Himalayas is beautiful,
Kasi and Ganga are beautiful. Arunachala is mind stopping.  But one should inquire and find out that the Real Arunachala is within.  It is Atma.  It is symbolic of the message Tat Tvam Asi.  A Non moving
symbol of Brahman.  Sri Sankara says the same thing in his Anatma Sri Vikarnam.  Bhagavan Ramana says this in Verse 2 of Sri Arunachala Navamani Maalai.

Arunachala Siva.     


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Chitradeepa, Verse 219 and 220:

Some devotees used to come to Bhagavan Ramana  and try to engage themselves in arguments about concepts like Jiva, Iswara, Vishnu, Siva, brahmins, non brahmins, freedom movement, social reforms, casteism etc., etc.,  Bhagavan Ramana never made any replies.  He would rather keep silent than engaging in such useless sea of confusion, as Vidyaranya says.

It was the custom of some devotees who were also going to
Sri Aurobindo to come and tell Bhagavan Ramana and tell that
it is Aurobindo's path and this is your path, which is better.
How to reconcile?   Bhagavan Ramana carefully avoided such
disputations.  In fact, Bhagavan's reference to Aurobindo was
only on a few occasions.  Once He said, [when Aurobindo's
surrender was mentioned] "Here also, it is stressed."

Again devotees used to ask questions about yoga, karma, mantra
japa etc.,  Bhagavan Ramana approved all those margas and only
said that eventually one has to come to self enquiry.  He only
stressed that bhakti which culminates into self-surrender is the
same as atma vichara. 

Arunachala Siva.   


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very well written Subramanian garu.

Infact even few of my friends have so much faith in BigBang theory.

god save all those who believe in that theory.


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Dear prasanth,

I am also very much interested in Astronomy and astrophysics right
from my young age, even though they were not my subjects in graduation and post graduation.  The Big Bang Theory, I have read
the full details in some American books .  The Big Bang Theory
or Continuous Creation Theory - one of these two may be true.  There
is no doubt.  But scientists engaging in a wasteful project re-creating
Big Bang and then from that to find the God's Particle is basically
on a wrong premise. They will never succeed.  Stephen Hawking
has betted 1 million dollars for that.  I can bet at least Rs 1.00 lac
for that.

We are all devotees of Bhagavan Ramana.  We should be satisfied
with two of His primary teachings:

1. All the worlds are created by our perception of them.

2. God is within each of us. And not outside.

There is a joke on Soviet Russian [now Russia] space endeavours.  When a man came back from the Space, the authorities asked the
cosmonaut whether they have seen God somewhere out there.
The cosmonaut after a fearful voyage and safe return started believing in God.  He simply said:  Yes. We have seen him.  He
is wearing a white gown and has got a long flowing beard. The authorities became afraid, because they were communists and they were not believing in God.  So one Soviet high official told the cosmonaut:  "Yes. I also trust so.  But do not tell outside.  The
Government will imprison you and send you to Siberia."

Today things have changed in Russia.  After disintegration and
loosening up of the communist philosophy, they have re-opened
the churches and permit Sunday prayers.

Arunachala Siva.


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Subramanian garu,

But my friends have similar views like Stephen hawking as they say there is no need of any divine law to support bigbang theory and it is because of mutation it happened.

This is where i contradict with them.


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Dear prasanth,

Mutation is what?  It is that which happens on its own. It is like
our digestion and breathing.  These appear that they can go on and
on, on their own.  Who is making it to go on and on?  That "Who" will
be known, only if we have indigestion and even a cup of milk or coffee
comes out in vomiting.  Or it is like suddenly we find that we are not
able to breathe, we take an inhaler and with its support, breath.
In the next morning, we rush to doctor, and he says, it is bronchial
asthama and gives deriphyllene injection.  Now who caused breathing and digestion?  Who caused derailment of these processes?  Who sets it right?  Don't say it is doctor, if god wants he may even remove all the stocks of deryphellene from your city drug stores.  That is why Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam calls Narayana as
bheshajam bhishak.  He is the medicine, he is the doctor.

One Siddhar sang:  I am breathing in during sleep.  I am not aware
of it.  It happens due to Iswara niyathi. [Bhagavan says this in Who am I].  Suppose, the outgoing breath does not come in again as fresh air....Where will I be?

That is why it is called in Tamizh that God is Param PoruL.  The
primordial substance.  The Prime Movder.  The Causeless Cause.
Or the First Principle.

Arunachala Siva.       


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100% agree with you subramanian garu. Unfortunately few of my friends donot acknowlede "divine hand" in the complete big-bang theory.

They say for few questions science does not have answers as of now and will surely answer in future as science is getting better and better day by day.

If i ask same question "Who caused derailment of these processes"  they may say it may be because of parental/ancestral genes related issues.

But anyways until humans suffer birth/death/old age/disease every human will believe in god.

All glories to guru ramana to help us all come out from this maya world.