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Kirupanandha Variyar ( Hindu Saint And Social Service Worker)
« on: October 28, 2010, 01:20:30 PM »

Thiru Muruga Kirupanandha Variyar, popularly known and reverently called Variyar Swamigal was born at Kangeyanallur, a small village on the northern bank of 'Palar' river. This village lies at a distance of 5 km between Vellore and Katpadi in Vellore District.

His father Siva Thiru Mallayadasa Bhagavathar was well known for his discourses on ancient Purana & Ethics. He was a great scholar, his knowledge and wisdom in Purana, Ethics and literature were unlimited. Hence, he was conferred with the title "Puranethikasa Paarangathar". He established 'Thirupugazh Sabhas' in each and every place to propagate "Thirupugazh" , the songs which spell the glory of god Muruga.

Madhu Shri Kanagavalli Ammaiyar, his mother was a noble, highly discipline calm, affectionate holy woman. She was always align with the thoughts of her husband. Her kindness and helping tendency towards mankind particularly towards poor was endless. His parents belong to Sengunthar group following Veerashaiva traditions (Primarily followers of Lord Siva). They had 11 children and swamigal was the fourth child.

Variyar Swamigal never stepped into any school. But his father Mallayadasar taught him education, Literature, grammar, music and instrumental music, particularly Veena, Swamigal started reading and learning texts at Third year of his age. Swamigal was capable of authoring Venbas (a sort of Tamil lyric) at his eighth year of age. At his 12th year he memorized ten thousand poems and authored texts like 'Ashta Naga Bandham', 'Mayil','Vel', and 'Sivalinga Bandams' which were too hard and a challenge for even highly learned scholars.

According to the Veera Saiva customs Swamigal wore Sivalingam(Sivalinga Tharanam) at his fifth year in Pana Patrar Mutt in Thiruvannamalai. Swamigal received upadesam 'Satakshra Mantram' from his father and received upadesam 'Sutchuma Satakshra Mantram' from Thirupugazh Swamigal. Palani Easana Sivachariya Swamigal graced Variyar Swamigal 'Nirvana Dhiksha' and named him as 'Vama Deva Sivam' (Dhikshanamam). Swamigal learnt 'Veena' from Bhramma Sri Then Madam Varadhachariyar.

Variyar Swamigal married Amirtha Lakshmi, daughter of his maternal uncle at his 19th age.

It is said that saints like Thiruvalluvar had no children since no sacred life was available to call them as 'father'. So was the case in Variyar Swamigal also.

Variyar Swamigal started publishing Thiruppugazh Amirtham, the monthly magazine in the year 1936 and continued the edition for 37 years. The contents of this magazine were a comprehensive elaborate detailed description on one song in 'Thiruppugazh' and other verses of Arunagirinathar like Kandar Alangaram, stories emphasizing morality and chastity and short literary composition of other scholars.

Variyar Swamigal known as Deiva Thiru Muruga Kirupanantha Variyar Swamigal came to this world at the beginning of 20th century. Life of Swamigal spread over the devotional activities, Religious rites, particularly Swamigal made Saint Arunagirinathar's 'Thiruppugazh' known to the entire world.

Swamigal established Thiruvarul Dhavaneri Manram' with his own cost and appointed Preachers for propagating the religious and devotional rites and ideals. Swamigal set himself as a legend for self discipline; above all his life made men to live as men.

Variyar Swamigal had enormous, deep knowledge and practice of literature and music. He conquered, discipline, extraordinary memory power, kindness and vast knowledge of texts.

He never gave up performing pooja not even for a day. Never thought of taking food without performing pooja. There was not even a single day in his life without taking bath and performing pooja.

Swamigal played eminent roles to emphasis the faith in trusting God in the following pictures produced by Devar films :Thunaivan ,Thiruvarul , Deivamand also in other pictures like Miruthanga Chakravarthi , Navagraha Nayagi and Kandhar Alangaram

Swamigal also written screenplay for the picture ' Sivakavi' in which the glorious actor M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar was the hero

The motto of being a human in this world is to serve others before self. The people love other live for other, even the bone of kind people belongs to all other. So is a statement in Thirukkural and according to that, Variyar Swamigal toiled for others, for the people, for the world throughout his life span.

It is said that one who sees a thousand crescents in his life has lived for a full span with entire fulfilment in all aspects of life.

Thus Variyar Swamigal lived as a pearl representing the Pancha Boodhas. That is why he was born in this earth and attained eternal life in the space on 07.11.1993.

Helping the poor, abounding compassion towards the helpless people, endowing to the best possible extend to eradicate poverty, providing food, clothing and shelter for the aged people who are in the autumn season of their last days of life, irrespective of their caste, creed and race were the services rendered to the society by Swamigal as his day to day duties.

Above all, the embedded crown like service is the contribution to the Ramakrishna Kudil, Thirupparai Thurai (by collecting donation). Swamigal devoted most of his days for the lively hood of the 'Kudil', an asylum for 365 orphan children.

Swamigal contributed a formidable sum of Rs.27.0 Lakhs to the Ramakrishna Kudil by collecting donation, touring around Tamil Nadu to meet the expenditure for the children at Rs.5000/- per child.

Out of many services rendered by Swamigal, Swamigal thought that the services rendered to the Ramakrishna Kudil was his pride. Swamigal had told that he wanted to stay in the Kudil during his last days of life. Swamigal was much happy on the occasion of every annual day celebration of the Kudil conducted on first Sunday of January by performing bajans with the children of the Kudil.

Variyar Swamigal observed as one of his important principles was to help for any one who sought monetary help for the medical, educational and or the wedding expenditure without any hesitation.

Swamigal contributed enormous amount for many poor pupils for their educational expenditure every month.

For instance , a student sought help for his S.S.L.C and got the Scholarship continued up to his collegiate education. Then Swamigal helped in getting him a job, conducted his marriage and helped considerably to build his home, even though the person who received help from swamigal was unknown and not a relation to him. Thus many people have become beneficiary out of his help, and came up in their lives.

Every year, Swamigal received (during the months of May and June) a lot of letters from all parts of Tamil Nadu seeking help for buying books, paying tuition fee, Stitching uniforms etc. Swamigal honoured their needs by sending them thousands of Rupees.

In the place of his manifestation Kangeyanallur, he established a primary school, a middle school, a girls high school and a higher secondary school for boys. Now the school name has been changed to "Thirumuruga Kirubanda Variyar boys/girls higher secondary school"

Swamigal had been a root cause for the establishment of many educational institution in many places like the High School in at Kumarasamy Pettai, Dharmapurai.

A home at KangeyaNallur has the pride of being a place in which Variyar Swamigal was grown and played around with figurine, toys like temple cars from his childhood. This home has been renovated and remodelled as a Memorial hall.

An array of texts, books and literary works which swamigal read and wrote, Awards and Monumental articles presented to him, Things and articles which were in his possession and use , are being kept as an exhibition in this memorial hall.

Temple renovations

Vayalur Renovation -1936, 19.06.1969 & 1988
Moganoor Arunagirinathar Arachalai -1939
Chennai Kuyapettai Raja Gopuram Renovation -1940
Chennai Kuyappettai temple Tank Renovation
Vadalur Renovation 24.04.1950 commenced in 1941 & completed in 1950 - Nine years of Hardwork and achievements of Swamigal as a single man in the midst of several impediments and obstructions.
Kanchipuram Egambaranathar Temple, Compound Wall Renovation -1955 (seven Years)
Kangeyanallur Murugan Temple Renovation - 1958
Vallimalai Raja Gopuram Renovation - 20.08.1962
Thirunelveli Nellaiyappar Renovation - 03.08.1974
Vallimalai Saravana Poigai Renovation - 12.04.1978
Samayapuram Renovation
Kovai Thadagam Road Bala Dhandayuthapani Renovation - 26.01.1972
Kovai Venkateswar Temple Renovation
Kovai Kamatchi Amman Temple Renovation
Nellikuppam Veera Badra Swamy Temple Renovation - 23.05.1973
Kovai Ayyapaswamy Temple Renovation
Sheshadri Swamigal Adhistana Thiruppani
Kovai Kamakoti Vidhya Mandir Renovation - 28.02.1975
Thiruvanaikka Temple Renovation
Madurai Ayyappaswamy Temple Renovation
Madurai Koodal Azhagar Temple Renovation
Thirumogoor Kalamega Swamy Temple Renovation
Chennai Thenampettai Murugan Temple Renovation
Chennai Madhava Perumal Temple Renovation
Sri Rangam Temple Renovation
Kumbakonam Kottaiyur Koteeswara Nathar Temple Renovation
Kangeyanallur Sundara Raja Perumal Temple Renovation
Kangeyanallur Shiva Temple Renovation
Kangeyanallur Sundra Vinayagar Temple Renovation
Chennai Saidapet Karaneeswarar Temple Tank Renovation
Avinasi Temple Car Renovation
Avinasi Temple Renovation
Thencheri Giri Murugan Temple Renovation
Venchamaakkoodal Temple Renovation
Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple Renovation
Thirukolakkh Thalapureeswarar Temple renovation
Sirkazhi Satta Nathar Temple Renovation
Vellore Fort Jalagandeswarar Temple Renovation
New Delhi Uthira Swamynatha Swamy Temple Renovation
Thirupatur Jalagamparai Velmurugan Temple Renovation
Thirupathur Dhandayuthapani Temple Renovation
Paramathi Vellore Thirunaga Sambandar Madalayam Renovation
Namakkal Kandagiri Raja Gopuram Renovation - 09.08.1985
Namakkal Kandagiri Vinayagar & Saneeswarar Temple Renovation 02.02.1990
Erode Temple Renovation

Awards conferred on Variyar Swamigal

'Thiruppugazh Jothi' - Rishikesh 'Sivanandar' (1955)
'Pravachana Samrat' - Rishikesh 'Sivanandar' (Second time)
'Arul Mozhi Arasu' - Madurai Thirugnana Sambandar Thirumadam
'Saraswathi Kadakshamrutham' - Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Maha Periyaval Chandra Sekarendira Saraswathi Swamigal.
'Shatpadanandha' - Akobila Madam
'Esai Peraringnar' - Chennai Tamilzhisai Mandram ,by Anna durai in presence of Rajaji in 12.12.1967.
'Amutha Mozhi Kondal' - Dharmapura Aadhinam
'Thiruppani chakravarthi - Thirumurai Kazhagam - Bhavani
'Thiruppani charabam' - Thirumurai Kazhagam - Bhavani (Second time)
'Sorpozhivu Vallal' - Shanmugam Adiyar Sangam - Vellore
'Sagala Desa sath Prasanga Chakravarthi' - Thiru Neriya Tamizh vazhippattu Sabai- Kumara Swamy kottai 23.12.1985
'Fellowship' - Sangeetha Nataka Academy 23.12.1985
'Kalaimamani' -Tamizhisai Nataka Mandram
Honoured with Golden flower - By Ponmana chemmal M.G.R in 14.4.1986 during the inaugural function of 'Madurai Ulagath Tamizh Sangam'.
'International Award' - Integral Yoga 19.07.1986
'Doctorate' -Annamalai University 01.12.1986
'Padaippilakiya Parisu' - In memory of Rajah sir Annamalai Chettiyar 30.09.1991
'Illakiya Mudu Munaivar' -Tanjore university.
'64th Thiruppani Thonda Nayanar'- Madurai paandi Mandala Muruga Bakthargal Peravai (30.01.1993)
'Esai Narkalaingar' - Chennai Sankaradas Ninaivu Mandram 27.04.1993
'Tamizh Peravai Chemmal' - Madurai Kamarasar University 17.04.1993.
And on many other occasions, Swamigal has been honoured with Titles 1ike, 'Gnana Kathiravan', 'Narthondu vari', 'Amutha Perungadal', 'Mudivurai Muthu' etc.,


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Re: Kirupanandha Variyar ( Hindu Saint And Social Service Worker)
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2010, 02:20:28 PM »

Dear prasanth,

Variyar Swamigal was famous for his discourses on Mahabharatam,
Ramayanam and Skandam.  He spent all his money in philanthropy.
He had helped thousands of children for eduction and food.  His
single handed work on the temple of Vayalur near Tiruchirapalli
is famous throughout Tamizh Nadu.  The newspaper The Hindu
reported that he is spending money for renovation of Vadalur instead
of Vayalur.  On seeing this newspaper, he decided that it was God's
command to renovate Vadalur Temple of Saint Ramalingam also.
He did that and initiated annadhanam, [food, bhiksha] for all visitors.  This annadhanam is going on even today.  He trained
many young men and women in conducting discourses.  His Tamizh book on Kanda VeL Karunai [Skandha Puranam] is quite famous
and is used as a reference book by many.  He has also written
commentary on Kandar Alankaram, a 108 song collection of
Arunagiri Natha.

Variyar was a quick witted person.  Seeing him wearing holy ashes all the time, one fellow remarked:  What is it, you have white washed your forehead!  Variyar said:  "Yes. Forehead is like a wall and I
have white washed it.  Only when the house is cleaned up, finally one will take up whitewashing of the walls.  My house [body and
mind] are clean. So I am telling people that I have whitewashed
my wall since the house is already pure and clean.  I think your
house [body and mind] are not yet clean.  So you are yet to whitewash your walls. [forehead]."   The questioner became ashamed.

Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: Kirupanandha Variyar ( Hindu Saint And Social Service Worker)
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2010, 03:37:01 PM »
Subramanian garu,

thanks a lot for this info.When i read about him i was shocked as he is unbelievable and his dedication is amazing.


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Re: Kirupanandha Variyar ( Hindu Saint And Social Service Worker)
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2010, 04:13:09 PM »

Dear prasanth,

You know Bhagavan Ramana's Upadesa Saram.  The back ground
story is that the brahmins of Daruka forest were bent only on
karmas, without Jnana vicharam.  They had a lot of powers but
they were of no use.  Then Siva comes with Narayana and Mohini.
The wives of brahmins, while coming out of their houses for giving
food for Siva, [as beggar], they were enchanted by his handsomeness
and lost their balance.  The brahmins got annoyed with this beggar
of surpassing handsomeness, and they sent a tiger, an elephant,
a dwarf like demon etc.,  Siva tore the tiger and the elephant
and wore their skins as waist cloth and upper cloth.  The apsmara,
the dwarf was crushed under his feet and Siva danced.  The brahmins were also lost their balance at the sight of astonishing beauty of Mohini. 

After all this, Siva told them about Jnana Vicharam. 

This story is in Skandam.  This comes under Dadichi's advice to
his disciple. This back ground story comes only in Skandam. Nowhere Siva advising about Jnana Vicharam comes.  In case of Sri
Dakshinamurty, He merely gazed the four sages in silence.  Mouna

I could catch hold of this story only from Kirupananda Variyar's Tamizh prose book on Skandam.  As Siva gave upadesa, Ramana-
Siva in this Upadesa Saram gave the essence of Jnana Marga.

Arunachala Siva.