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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3120 on: June 10, 2013, 08:51:50 AM »
By all means they try to hold me secure who love me in this world. But it is otherwise with Thy love which is greater than theirs, and thou keepest me free.
Lest I forget them they never venture to leave me alone. But day passes by after day and thou art not seen.
If I call not Thee in my prayers, if I keep not thee in my heart, Thy love for me still waits for my love.

Poem-32,Gitanjali, Sri Rabindranath Tagore


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3121 on: June 10, 2013, 11:26:20 AM »
Dear Devotees,

We must exist, and Existence is Consciousness, to be able to think thoughts. If we are aware of the Existence-Consciousness,  we must be able to discern by the Enquiry that consciousness ‘I’ alone remains ever-present in which all thoughts and ideas , including the ‘I’-thought and the ‘I am the body’ idea, appear and disappear like the waves in the ocean. THEREFORE, IN MY VIEW, THIS IS THE MEASURE OF THE SUCCESS IN ENQUIRY IF WE ARE ABLE TO DISCERN WITH CLARITY THAT NOTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE MIND IS ‘I’ AND NONE OF IT IS OUR BUSSINESS. This is the measure of success if we understand that ‘we are’, before the rise of the ‘I’-thought and other thoughts, and we are, after their disappearance.

We now know that thoughts arise on a moment to moment basis because of the inherent vasanas or dispositions.  But it is a grievous error to think that we can do nothing about it. But since we regard our mind as the greatest friend, we promptly show interest in them resulting in their persistence, and this is how we get caught up in them. On the other hand, if we show disinterest in the rising thoughts, and instead go on remembering who we really are (i.e. keeping the attention on the Source), they will not develop and when they do not develop, they die or disappear for want of attention.

This is very important for seekers of Truth who follow the Path of Enquiry. This is why Sri Bhagwan compared this process to laying a seize to a fort. If we are able to cut off, one by one, the heads of the thoughts themselves as they emerge or rise from the FORT OF THE MIND , sooner or later there will be non left. We must not fancy that there is no end of thoughts. There is an end of thoughts. Sri Bhagwan taught that the way to do it was the Enquiry. ‘TO WHOM HAS THIS THOUGHT ARISEN?’ IS A GREAT WEAPON IN THE PRELIMIANRY STAGES OF THE ENQUIRY and this is the vigilance. This is my experience.  Never, never allow a thought to develop in a chain. So, if we are vigilant and cut the heads of the thoughts at the very place of their rising, they will lessen and lessen until there are none left. When the thoughts leave, mind sinks into its Source of its own accord.

Thus, one gains conviction that nothing that happens in the mind is ‘I’ and we do not have to worry about thoughts that rise up inside ‘I’. AND THIS IS THE MEASURE OF SUCCESS IN ENQUIRY, FOR WE HAVE THUS REACHED A STATE WHEN WE REMEMBER THAT THOUGHTS ARE NOT ‘I’. FILMSY THOUGHTS CAN NEVER BE MY ATMA-SWARUPA.

So, whole day long, we must have this attitude: whenever and whatever thoughts arise ‘Not me not my business, to whom are these thoughts? TO  ‘I’.  THAT MEANS ‘I’ AND THOUGHTS ARE DIFFERENT AND NOT THE SAME. THAT MEANS THAT ‘I’, THE ATMA-SWARUPA, EXISTENCE-CONSCIOUSNESS, IS NOT A THOUGHT.

Therefore, we must, with firm resolution and perseverance reach a stage in Enquiry where we are able to ignore anything that is connected to the body-mind idea, ANYTHING THAT IS BASED ON THE NOTION THAT WE ARE A BODY AND A SEPARATE MIND. If we can do this, we are indeed on the Direct Path to the Goal, for, then, rising thought will not disturb us, not distract us. It will flee away as soon as it will rise, in a split second. AND MIND DIVESTED OF THOUGHTS WILL SINK INTO THE SOURCE.
All is Self and there is no thought, no doubt, no, nothing is in the Self. Self is forever as It is.  Therefore, who is it that is assailed by thoughts, sorrows and joys AND WHAT NOT   All these non-existent thoughts, ideas and concepts are for the non-existent  and unreal body-mind, and not for ‘I’, the Self or the Swarupa . This is why Sri Bhagwan taught to enquire and discard all that was not ‘I’, by ‘Who am I?’,’ Whence am I?’ and ‘To whom?’ enquiry,  and come back to ‘I’, the Atma-swarupa.

Dear devotees, I feel, sincerely and earnestly, that a seeker, following the Path of Enquiry,  has to pass through these stages, experiences and processes of uncovering the Self by shedding off the non-Self, unless and until he is a pakwa, a dheera, an advanced and a mature seeker of Truth who has already undergone through these in this or in past birth, like Sri Bhagwan Himself was, before the famous Death Experience.

Thanks very much.



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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3122 on: June 10, 2013, 12:38:37 PM »
Swarupa, the Supreme, is in the Heart, the Abode of the virtuous. To be qualified to have the Darshan of this Swarupa one has to keep the outward-rushing mind fixed fully within, maintaining continuous vigil over it. Know that this is true heroism[dhira].
Guru Vachaka Kovai

Sri Bhagwan: ‘I’ alone being held, all else disappears. It is enough, but only for the competent few.

Some argue that the world that exists in my sleep has existed before my birth and will exist after my death. Do not others see it? How can the world cease to be if my ego appears not?
Sri Bhagwan: The genesis of the world and the different schools of thought are meant to satisfy such people.
A Devotee: Nevertheless, being only product of intellect they cannot turn the mind inward.
Sri Bhagwan: Just for this reason the scriptures speak of “in-turned look”, “one –pointed look” and so on. Self being always the Self, why should only a dhira be illumined? Does it mean a man of courage? No, dhih=intellect, rah=watch, protection. So dhira is one who always keeps the mind inward bent without letting it loose.
Source: Talk—352

Dear Devotees, why only a dhira should be illumined? We all are potentially dhiras. Choice is ours whether we wish to remain merely a product of intellect and imagination or wish to become a dhira and have the Darshan of the Swarupa in the Heart. For that, outward rushing mind must be fixed fully WITHIN and maintain continuous vigil over it. YES. INWARD, INWARD IS THE ONLY TRUE WAY.

Thanks very much.


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3123 on: June 10, 2013, 03:11:42 PM »
O BROTHER, my heart yearns for that true Guru, who fills the cup of true love, and drinks of it himself, and offers it then to me.
He removes the veil from the eyes, and gives the true Vision of Brahma :
He reveals the worlds in Him, and makes me to hear the Unstruck Music :
He shows joy and sorrow to be one :
He fills all utterance with love.
Kabir says : "Verily he has no fear, who has such a Guru to lead him to the shelter of safety!"
Sage Sri Kabir


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3124 on: June 11, 2013, 07:48:03 AM »
I know not how thou singest, my master! I ever listen in silent amazement.
The light of thy music illumines the world. The life breath of thy music runs from sky to sky. The holy stream of thy music breaks through all stony obstacles and rushes on.
My heart longs to join in thy song, but vainly struggles for a voice. I would speak, but speech breaks not into song, and I cry out baffled. Ah, thou hast made my heart captive in the endless meshes of thy music, my master!

Poem-3, Gitanjali,  Sri Rabindranath Tagore


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3125 on: June 11, 2013, 09:33:42 AM »
Sri Bhagwan:

“There is a stage in the beginning, when you identify yourself with the body, when you are still having the body-consciousness. At that stage, you have the feeling you are different from the reality or God, and then it is, you think of yourself as a devotee of God or as a servant or lover of God. This is the first stage. The second stage is when you think of yourself as a spark of the divine fire or a ray from the divine Sun. Even then there is still that sense of difference and the body-consciousness. The third stage will come when all such differences cease to exist, and you realise that the Self alone exists. There is an ‘I’ which comes and goes, and another ‘I’ which always exists and abides. So long as the first ‘I’ exists , the body-consciousness and the sense of diversity or bheda budhi will persist. Only when that ‘I’ dies, the reality will reveal itself.”

Dear Devotees,

Therefore, we must not give up even for a moment this Self-enquiry of ‘Who am I?’, for Vichara is the axe which will sure cut the root of ignorance, avidya-maya, which shows the three states of waking, dream and sleep. 
Dear devotees, this Enquiry of ‘Who am I?’ also is a mental operation. But it is an operation which destroys all other mental operations, including itself, for once and all. Just as the stick with which the funeral pyre is stirred is itself reduced to ashes after the pyre and the corpse have been burnt, so also, after destroying all mental operations Vichara subsequently also gets simply engulfed in the great and razing fire of Knowledge, of Self-realisation.

Thanks very much,


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3126 on: June 11, 2013, 08:08:12 PM »
If Shiva is angry,
He may burn the three worlds;
But will he burn fire also?
Is it possible, even for the Creator,
To stand before Himself without a mirror?
It is certain that eyesight
Cannot perceive itself,
That taste cannot taste itself,
That a person who is awake
Cannot be awakened.   

How can sandal paste wear itself?
Or a color decorate itself with color?
Or a pearl adorn itself with pearls?

Can a touchstone turn itself into gold?
Can a lamp give light to itself?
Can a flavor enjoy its own sweetness?

Shiva holds the moon on his head;
But can the moon wear the moon
On its own head?

Likewise, the glorious Self
Is, Itself, pure and perfect Knowledge.
How can Knowledge know itself?

Being Knowledge itself,
He does not know how to know Himself.
It is as hard as it would be
For the eye to perceive itself.

Knowledge could know itself
If a mirror could reflect itself
To itself.

A knife may be able to pierce
Anything in the four quarters;
But can that knife pierce itself?

The tip of the tongue is very good
For tasting different herbs and seasonings;
But can it taste itself?

Does it therefore cease to be an organ of taste?
No. It is because it tastes
That it is an organ of taste.

So, also, the Self,
Who is Knowledge, Existence, and Bliss,
Is self-evident.
How then can the word
Offer Him what is already His own?

The ultimate Reality
Does not prove or disprove Itself
With the help of some other kind of knowledge;
It is self-evident, being the knower,
And is beyond proof and disproof.

It is therefore groundless to believe
That the word is so great
As to enable the Self
To experience Himself.

A lamp that is lighted at midday
Neither dispels darkness nor sheds any light.
It is the same with the word.

Since ignorance is non-existent,
There can be no question of destroying it.
And, since the Self is self-evident,
What is there to be proved at all?

Thus, being in both these ways useless,
The word disappears 
Like a stream in the waters
Of the universal deluge.



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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3127 on: June 12, 2013, 08:30:30 AM »
Dear Devotees,

We admit that we exist even without the mind and the intellect, say in sleep. Do we not?
Priceless question: How do we know that we exist if we have not realised our existence? KNOWLEDGE IS EXISTENCE.  Unreal, ghostly ego is only pretending that it hasn’t. Sri Bhagwan says that our very existence is Realisation. We cannot imagine a point of time when we do not exist. Can We?  For, if we imagine such a point of time, it will be in Existence and not apart from the Existence.  THAT EXISTENCE IS VERILY OUR OWN EXISTENCE AND WE ARE ALL THE TIME CONSCIOUS OF OUR EXISTENCE.  So there can be no period when the Existence is not and therefore there is no period when the Realisation is not. 

Some of us may opine that if one is ever realised and never non-realised, why one is
not ever happy and never unhappy? The answer is ‘I am not realised’ is a thought. ‘I am not happy’ is a thought. Self is ever realised, Self is Bliss—pure and simple. Being so, how can any one of us say that one is not realised, and that one is not happy, that there is no happiness. That which says socannot be the Self. Then who says so? It is the ‘I’-thought, which is the non-Self which says so. Therefore, non-Self must be got rid of in order to realise the Self as well as the Bliss of the Self.

It is unchanging, eternal and always realised. But the ego, which is a thought or a concept, says thatIt is not aware. All it requires is the constant attention. No other effort is necessary. THEREFORE, OUR EFFORT IS ONLY MEANT NOT TO ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE DISTRACRED BY THOUGHTS. All effort is simply to get rid of the viparita budhi or mistaken impression that one is limited and bound by the woes of samsara. Effortless state is the State of Realisation, Which is choiceless.

Similar is the case with the ‘Ajapa’ or the Unspoken Chant. Sri Bhagwan taught that we were always repeating the mantra automatically. He taught that if one was not aware of the Unspoken Chant, one should take to Japa. Japa here is thus the effort required. Here again, the effort is meant only to ward of the thoughts. Japa wards off the thoughts. And when the Japa becomes mental and internal, Ajapa or the Unspoken Chant  and the Eternal are revealed and realised.  THEN IT IS FOUND THAT THE AJAPA OR THE UNSPOKEN CHANT IS GOING ON WITHOUT OUR EFFORT, AND THE EFFORTLESS STATE IS THE STATE OF REALISATION.

Therefore, we must understand that since the Self is all there is, there is nothing whatsoever for It attain, FOR IT IS ETERNALLY ATTAINED AND REALISED and we know this only after our minds stop running towards dharma, kama and artha, which though are traditionally accepted as goals or ways of life, a true seeker’s goal is only to remain fully fixed within and realise subsequently the Atma-Swarupa.
Thanks very much.


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3128 on: June 12, 2013, 07:44:58 PM »
The word, “ignorance,” is meaningless
If the Self is pervaded by it,
And yet remains as It is.

Moreover, it would be logically incorrect
To say that ignorance
Resides in the Self.

Ignorance is the gathering of darkness,
And the Self is the mine of effulgence;
How, then, could they be mixed?

If waking and dreaming,
Remembering and forgetting,
Could go hand in hand;

If cold and heat
Could sleep together in the same bed,
Or if the Sun’s rays could be tied in a bundle
By a rope of darkness;

Or if night and day
Came to live together in one place,
Then the Self might take ignorance
As its helpmate.

If death and life could reside together
As family members,
Then the Self might become a dependent of

How can it be said
That the very ignorance
That is dispelled by the Self
Lives happily with It?

However, if the darkness gives up its darkness,
And turns into light,
Then, of course, it becomes light.

Or if fuel gives up its state,
And turns into fire,
Then, of course, it becomes the fire.

Or if a small stream
Gives up its separate existence
By flowing into the Ganges,
Then it becomes the Ganges.

Thus, it is clear
That there is no ignorance;
There is only the Self;
For, as soon as ignorance
Comes into contact with Knowledge,
It becomes Knowledge.

Since ignorance is contrary to Knowledge,
It cannot retain its existence
Within Knowledge;
Nor can it exist independently.

Sage Sri Jnaneshvar


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3129 on: June 13, 2013, 09:44:13 AM »
Sri Bhagwan : One should try and realise in the waking state that state which unconsciously everyone attains in sleep, the state where the small ‘I’ disappears and the Real ‘I’ alone is.

Dear Devotees,

Although all the three states of ignorance must be understood, in their proper perspective, rather well, by all seekers of Truth, understanding intellectually and intuitively the state of sleep is vital to the understanding of Sri Bhagwan’s Teaching particularly ‘Atma-Vichara’ as taught by Him. There is only one ‘I’, which always exists and abides, and the ‘I’ which comes and goes are reflections of the existing and the enduring ‘I’.  An ‘I’ rises forth with every thought and with its disappearance that ‘I’ disappears too.  Thus it is true that many ‘I’s are born and die every moment. The subsisting mind is the real trouble, culprit-in-chief. However, there is the substratum of the mind which continues all along, giving rise to so many reflected ‘I’ and so many scenes. 

The fleeting and coming and going myriad ‘I’s do not exist in sleep and we are not conscious of the body and the world and therefore many scenes do not appear in that state. As soon as we get out of the sleep, a fleeting ‘I’ comes up again and consequently we become conscious of the body, as well as the world and the many scenes as well. So, in sleep, ‘I’ existed alone devoid of the body and the world consciousness, for when we wake up we are able to say, ‘I slept soundly.’

 IF ONLY WE COULD TRULY UNDERSTAND SRI BHAWAN’S TEACHING HERE THAT ‘I’ THAT WAKES UP AND SAYS ‘I SLEPT SOUNDLY’ IS THE SAME THAT EXISTED DURING SLEEP, FOR WE CANNOT SAY THAT THE ‘I’ WHICH PERSISTED DURING SLEEP WAS A DIFFERENT ‘I’ FROM THE ‘I’ PRESENT IN THE WAKING STATE.  Therefore, it follows that ‘I’ which persists always and does not come and go is the Reality and the other ‘I’, which disappears in sleep is unreal, non-existent, reflected ‘I’.

Dear Devotees, this is why Sri Bhagwan taught that a seeker should make all possible effort and realise in the waking state itself that State WHICH UNCONSCIOUSLY EVERYONE OF US ATTAINS IN SLEEP, THE STATE WHERE THE SMALL, FLEETING AND FOAM-LIKE (IN REALITY) ‘I’ DISAPPEARS AND THE REAL, EVER-PERSISTING, ENDURING AND ABIDING ‘I’ ALONE IS. 

Sri Bhagwan’s invincible method is  to enquire from whence and how does this small and negligible ‘I’ arise.  Sri Bhagwan taught that the Enquiry really meant enquiring and investigating within oneself as to where from within the body the ‘I’-thought arose. WE MUST CONCENTRATE OUR ALL-IMPORTANT ATTENTION ON SUCH AN ENQUIRY, FOR THE ‘I’-THOUGHT BEING AT THE ROOT OF ALL DIFFERENTIATION AND THOUGHTS WHATEVER WILL BE DESTROYED, BEING MERELY FALSE REFLECTON, AND THAT IS REACHING HOME, OR THE ATMA-SWARUPA WHICH REMAINS FOREVER.  I am cent-percent  certain that this is the life-time opportunity which came our way because of some punya karmas done in previous lives. We will indeed do well to avail it.

Thanks very much.



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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3130 on: June 13, 2013, 05:36:15 PM »
If that which appears in a dream
Is illusory,
Then, is the perceiver of the dream
Also illusory?

If the effects are identical with the cause,
Then all is ignorance,
And who would know anything?

In such a state,
One could not imagine a knower
Or the known;
It would be like taking as evidence
The fish swimming in a mirage lake.

So, my dear friend,
What cannot be measured or defined
By any proof whatsoever
Is not different from a sky-flower.

Does not allow of any proof of its existence;
So how could one begin to discuss it?
From this, one should understand
The impossibility of ignorance.

Being neither an object of perception,
Nor of inference,
Is therefore disproved.

I am afraid to believe in this ignorance,
Since it is neither the cause of anything,
Nor the producer of any effect.

It can neither cause the Self to dream,
Nor can it put Him to sleep
In His place of repose.

Some say ignorance exists in the pure Self,

As fire exists in wood
Before two pieces of it are rubbed together.

But the pure Self
Does not even admit the name, “Self”!
How could ignorance expect to find room there?

Can a flame be snuffed out
Before it is lit?
Or can we leave the shade of a tree
That has not yet sprouted?

Or smear salve on a body
That is not yet born?
Or cleanse a mirror that is not yet constructed?

Or skim the cream
From milk that’s still in the udder?

So, likewise,
How can there be ignorance in the Self
Where there is not even room
For calling it “the Self”?

Sage Sri Jnaneshvar

Sri Bhagwan: That Which Is does not even say ‘I AM’.


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3131 on: June 13, 2013, 11:44:32 PM »
Dear sri Anil,

Very beautiful poem from Sri Jnaneshvar! His wisdom makes me always to ponder over it. He negates the ignorance with such wonderful examples.

Indeed,if there is ignorance,there must be something opposed of it,and that is knowledge. Both implies subject to whom ignorance or knowledge can happen. And that one is non existent in the first place. If we are ignorant,than that means we will become knowers of the Truth. And that again puts us in the place of the one who should stop being ignorant. It is quite impossible,coz if there is Knowledge,there is only Knowledge,the Truth,like there is only Love. There is no one to claims it. There is only That.

Allthrough,there is this ego struggling for release. Sri Jnaneshvar says that He is afraid to admit this ignorance.  I agree that there is no ignorance ,only, because there is no ignorance like quality of us,but there is no He,You,Me all together. So impossible to him or she to be ignorant,when he is ignorance itself. But,that still makes ignorance possible. At least,it looks that way. But,then,again,it can mean that this ego is completely non existent in reality,coz it is obviously hollow and imagined,and that same ignorance apply to him only.

Thats why the belief I Am the Self,seems to be completely false on one hand,and completely true on other hand... I,like Jewel,the person,cannot say either. I even cannot with conviction say I exist,coz that same existence seems to be somehow abstract. There is That,existence,not I,when I am abstraction itself...

Just some thoughts...

Thank You,dear Sri Anil! 

With love and prayers,

Beloved Abstract

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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3132 on: June 14, 2013, 12:07:16 AM »
ok thats enough , everyone stop being yourself right now ! ....... dont make me come in there !   >:(

HA ! HA !
simply stop telling the story of the self and see who you are without it


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3133 on: June 14, 2013, 10:36:18 AM »
There is no knowledge without ignorance; and without knowledge ignorance cannot be. To ask, ‘Whose is this knowledge? Whose this ignorance?’ and thus to know the Primal Self, THIS ALONE IS KNOWLEDGE.
V. 10, Ulladu Narpadu

Dear Sri Jewel,

Yes, Knowledge and ignorance pertain to the ‘I’-thought or the ego. We are even now the Self and only the Self. We are always Home. How can we be this body or the ego, the non-Self? But we are confounding the objectified consciousness of the ego with the Absolute Consciousness. This false identification is due to the ignorance. Sri Bhagwan has taught that ignorance disappears with the disappearance of the ego.  Therefore, getting rid of this false and imagined ego is the only thing to accomplish.

Dear Sri Jewel, Sri Bhagwan taught that the Undifferentiated Consciousness of Pure Being is the Heart, which what we really are. From the Heart arises the ‘I AM’-ness as the Primary Datum of all our experiences whatever. By ITSELF It is absolutely Pure, Sudha-Satva-Swarupa. IT IS THIS FORM OF PRISTINE PURITY , UNCONTAMINATED FROM RAJAS AND TAMAS THAT THE ‘I’ APPEARS TO SUBSIST IN THE REALISED ONES. 

Sri Bhagwan: ‘I exist’ is the only permanent, self evident experience of everyone. Nothing else is so self-evident as ‘I am’. Pratyksha (self-evident) is the another Name of the Self. So, to do Self-analysis and be ‘I am’ is the only thing to do. ‘I am’ is Reality. I am this or that is unreal. ‘I am’  is Truth, another Name of the Self. ‘I am God’ is not true.

Therefore, as you said, ‘I am the Self’ is not true. The Self is self-evident and directly perceived by everyone.  MOREOVER, WE ARE HAVING THIS PRATYAKSHA, HERE AND NOW. ONLY THE THOUGHT ‘I AM THIS BODY’ IS VEILING IT. But Sri Bhagwan taught that ‘I am the body’ idea only veils the consciousness aspect of the Reality. Existence cannot be veiled completely, otherwise, Realization would become impossible. This is why even those with very little knowledge say out of direct experience , ‘I am’.  Self exists as the feeling ‘I am’.  THEREFORE, IT FOLLOWS FROM THE ABOVE DISCUSSION THAT IF WE GIVE UP THIS THOUGHT THAT WE ARE THE BODY, BY ATMANUSANDHANA, OR THE SELF-INVESTIGATION, THE  ATMA, WHICH IS ALWAYS WITHIN THE DIRECT EXPEREINCE OF EVERYONE, WILL SHINE FORTH. This alone is Jnana, Bhakti and Yoga.

Thanks very much, dear friend, for your post containing insights, which are almost mine as well.


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Re: Self-enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is enough
« Reply #3134 on: June 14, 2013, 11:37:28 AM »
Quote from Sri Beloved Abstract:
“ok thats enough , everyone stop being yourself right now ! ....... dont make me come in there !"

HA ! HA !”

Dear Sri Beloved Abstract,

Yes. That is beautiful. But ‘yourself’ and ‘me’ would keep interfering out of conceptual, imagined and false habits formed in numerous past lives, even though we are always Home, Sudah-Satva-Swarupa. They will go away only if their unreality is revealed culminating in disappearance of the hither to subsisting mind. This much effort will have to be put in to get rid of the non-Self, which is clinging to us in a tight embrace (though imagined and conceptual), to reach the state of effortlessness. Mere intellectual knowledge would not do.  This sorry state of affairs is prevailing due to non-enquiry.  Therefore, to remain in Mauna, as the Self, without least rising of doubt and thought, Enquiry as taught by Sri Bhagwan is the Way.

Besides, dear Sri Beloved Abstract, Sri Bhagwan has taught that ‘yourself’ or ‘me’ comes up holding only the Self, and therefore, if we hold ‘yourself’ ‘or ‘me’, they will vanish. Until then Guru’s Teaching that ‘THERE IS’ will remain intellectual only and keep on seeking That within and without and everywhere.

Thanks for a beautiful and cryptic remark, and particularly for your ‘HA, AH’, which, in my view, is quite apt, dear Sri beloved Abstract. We are all the time Self and only Self. Still we are asking ‘Who am I?, Whence am I?’, like an intoxicated and inebriated  person. Ha, ha, ha!