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Panchadasi - (132)
« on: August 26, 2008, 03:47:00 PM »
The Chapter XI continues....

Verse 112:- "To the mind fixed on Reality, merged in its cause, and impervious to the sensations arising from the sense objects, the joys
and sorrows, (together with their occasions and materials) experienced
as a result of the fructifying Karma seem unreal."

Verse 113:- "The mind is indeed the world.  It should be purified
with great effort.  It is as ancient truth that the mind assumes the
forms of the objects to which it is applied."

(The Vedanta does not say that mind is the material cause of
the extenal world.  But that the enjoyment of the world is concerned
with what it creates out of them, with how it thinks of them and
uses them.  So the purification of the mind is so much stressed
in all religions.)

Verse 114:- "Through the purification of his mind, a man destroys
the impressions of his good and evil Karma and the purified mind
abiding in Atman enjoys undiminishing bliss.

(See Chandogya Up. 5.24.3;)

(The above three verses are referrring to Maitrayani Up. 4.3.2-4;)

Verse 115:- "If a man were to focus his mind on Brahman, as
he commonly does on the objects of senses, what bondage
woule he not be free from?"

(See Maitrayani Up. 4.3.5;)

To be contd...

Arunachala Siva.