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The Experience of Self
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Suppose i did not see a particular place: say, Delhi. I need the experience of Delhi to understand about it.
If i have never had the experience of Delhi, i cannot get an accurate picture of it.
By the same argument, I need the Experience of Self.
If i do not have an Experience of Self, i cannot understand it, no matter how many books i read.

This is the standard argument many people give. This would be true if it were true that i never had the experience of Self.
can it be said that i never had the experience of Self?

:) ok, is there a specific experience called "Experience of Self" ?

Some people think there is something like "Experience of Self"... they want to "Feel" oneness.
"Feeling" is of mind. Feeling is limited. It can be an illusion. Certain neurons are excited in one's brain, one would feel oneness. That has nothing to do with "Experience of Self". Oneness , as a feeling is just a function of mind. Anyone can get it through some simulation of the neurons or hypnotic self suggestion. People make up wonderful stories. Sri Ramakrishna is said to have felt pain in his chest when someone walked on grass. and then people said "that is due to oneness", if that were true ... at that very moment, there would be someone killing a goat or even a person ... or perhaps someone would be dying ... what should have really happened to him?

Mind can only contain "Reflection".  Mind need not reveal Self to us. For objective world, Mind reveals. But for the subject Mind does not reveal. The idea that Self is revealed through some experience or reflection in mind is the biggest illusion.

There is yet another view that mind has to die for Self to be revealed. That means, until mind is dead, Self is not revealed. If Self is not Revealed, how is the mind recognized? The light by which mind is seen as "Alive" is Self! And mind is by its nature dead. Jada padartha. how can one kill a mind that is dead? Its just like a computer ... its job is to recollect from memories and do some logical deductions based on its circut.
it is not alive. it appears alive in the presence of Self. This too is a wierd notion.

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