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chögyam trungpa rinpoche was a very excentric and crazy buddhist teacher who started to teach tantric buddhism in the west, he loved humour and alcohol.

this is the first thing he told his student after waking up from a coma caused from drinking to much.....(its my recollection so not his words)

thats what he said from his hospital bed:

picture jerusalem, christ is nailed to the cross on top of calvary-hill, there are many soldiers surrounding the cross to keep away the devotees of christ who are weeping and screaming in agony because their master is diing because of human ignorance...

petrus who denied to be a devotee of jesus for three times was in the back hiding from the scene...

suddenly Jesus screams in some sort of trance:


petrus was terribly shocked and of course remembered his denial, he tried to break through the soldiers to confess his denial to christ, but hte soldiers knocked him back...

and Jesus screamed again for him:


petrus now almost blind of pain, tries it again...but the solders stop him nearly before he could come to him

Jesus screams one last time


and petrus manages to break free and falls on his knees under the cross, tears in his eyes..
with a shacky voice he asks his master:

"yes my lord?"

and jesus says: "I can see your house from here."

I love this joke :)

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couldn't get in air for some time.