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Yoga Vasishta --- What is Moksha?
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yat tu canchalata hinam tan mano mrtam uchyate
tat eva cha tapah sastra siddhanto moksha ucyate

mind without its restlessness is said to be dead mind.
That is highest form of tapas and that is liberation as per scriptures!

We have various means to still the mind. But, a stilled mind can arise again... can become restless again.
i practised pranayama and once found that even immediately after pranayama the mind can get restless.
This can happen even after a very emotional prayer.

So long before we "kill" this restlessness of mind, we have to identify the cause for restlessness. What creates restlessness.
Immediately our attention reaches out to vasanas or inherent tendencies. now... what do vasanas do ?
Vasanas are like inherent programming.
suppose every day at 10 am i drink water ... that forms a permanent impression in my mind. That is a vasana.
so tomorrow at 10 am, i feel like drinking water.

When its drinking water, the vasana is not a very strong "Habit". When it is smoking cigar, it becomes a very strong "Habit or vasana" and if denied, mind has a tendency to get restless.

now what do vasanas do ? They create thoughts. Without thoughts, vasanas cannot take affect.
And thoughts floating in the space of consciousness cannot create any problem until and unless "I" exists.
So vasanas create chances of restlessness in the mind. They just create a possibility. When "I" remain in mind, "I" am an entity in mind, i create trouble. Its like two boats floating in a lake. the boats collide, not a problem. when "I" in one of the boats, then the collision becomes a problem. The vasanas have the tendency to form a mental form called "I".

the standard example i like most: if a stone is hurled, it hits a form, not the space. so too, when thought arises, it hits a mental form, not consciousness within.
hence the source of all problems is this mental "I"...
One has to resolve it into the source and weaken all vasanas that are "Strong"
This is called thinning of Vasanas.

When vasanas are thinned, one can lead a liberated life freely... without being very vigilant.
When vasanas are strong, one has to be very vigilant ... one has to make sure there is no "I" which can get hit by these thoughts created by inherent vasanas. And when one does this, the vasana loses some of its power.
with this sadhana, one can make the vasanas powerless. Remaining as consciousness one should practise remaining unconcerned about the vasanas and the thoughts that pop. This is the way.

When this way the vasanas are thinned, the mind naturally remains restfull.

The way to remain still is to remain as Consciousness --- the Space within and not allow a "Form" or mental Image of "I" to form. That done, the mind automatically remains still. one can live a liberated life.

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Re: Yoga Vasishta --- What is Moksha?
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Vasana kshyam mukti - Sri Sankara

Ahandhai [ego] uru azhithale mukti - The killing of the ego
is mukti -  Bhagavan Ramana. in ULLadu Narpadu - Verse 40.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Yoga Vasishta --- What is Moksha?
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well said udai garu.

Yes everyone's raga dvesha's are different.