Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Says Jivanmukta Does Not See Anything Separate From The Self  (Read 1674 times)


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SRI BHAGAVAN WARNED the hearers against the mistake of disparaging a jnani for his apparent conduct and again cited the story of Parikshit.

He was a still born child. The ladies cried and appealed to Sri Krishna to save the child. The sages round about wondered how Krishna was going to save the child from the effects of the arrows (apandavastra) of Asvattama. Krishna said,“If the child be touched by one eternally celibate (nityabramachari) the child would be brought to life.” Even Suka dared not touch the child. Finding no one among the reputed saints bold enough to touch the child, Krishna went and touched it, saying, “If I am eternally celibate (nityabramachari) may the child be brought to life.” The child began to breathe and later grew up to be Parikshit.

Just consider how Krishna surrounded by 16,000 gopis is a brahmachari! Such is the mystery of jivanmukti! A jivanmukta is one who does not see anything separate from the Self.



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Dear prasanth,

There are two anecdotes about Krishna and Gopikas.  The one is,
all gopikas are symblism for Jivas and Krishna is in the heart of every
Jiva. The husbands of gopikas are only partners for this body and
mind.  When Siva [or Krishna] seeks Jiva, even earthly husbands [or
for that matter any relatives] are to be abandoned.  Like the story
of Chandikeswara Nayanar in Periya Puranam.  When his father kicked
the Siva Lingam made on sand by the saint, the saint in turn severed
his [earthly] father's legs.  For this purpose, the simple stick that is used for driving cows became instantly an axe!  Saint Manikkavachagar says in Tiru ToL Nokkam in Tiruvachakam, Verse 7:

When the blemishless action of the brahmin was disturbed by his father, he severed the legs of his father, and held his Father's feet as deliverance, O let us gaze His shoulders!

The earthly fathers are only fathers. But Siva is everyone's Father!


The second anecdote is like this.  Every living being is Atma. Krishna is Atma.  When Atma dances with Atma, how can it be blamed?  Krishna [from advaitic standpoint] is the only Atma, the Self of selves.  How can he be non celibate, if the Self moves and dances with other atmas? [Jivatmas]. 

I am travelling in a bus.  I am touching my cheeks.  I am touching my hands.  No one can blame me.  If I am Atma, every part of my body is only my body.  However, if I touch some lady's hand or cheek, I shall be slapped!  We are all still not realizing Atma.  We treat them as body/mind complex, since we are still body/mind complex.  Hence the slapping, if I touch some other lady's cheeks or hands.

Arunachala Siva.