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Panchadasi - (127)
« on: August 26, 2008, 01:34:27 PM »
The Chapter XI continues....

Verse 90:-  The Jiva which is called 'ananda-maya' enjoying
bliss of Brahman during sleep gets identified with the intellect-
sheath during the dreaming and waking states, as he changes
his seat from one state to another.

Verse 91:-  The Sruti says that in the waking state, the Jiva
abides in the eye, that is, the gross body.  In dreaming state,
in the throat, and in deep sleep in the lotus of the heart.
In the waking state the Jiva pervades the whole gross body
from head to foot.

(Aitereya Up. 1.3.12;  Brahma Up. 3.7;)

Verse 92:- In the aking state the Jiva gets identifed with the
body, as fire with a red hot ball of iron.  As a result of this,
he comes to feel with the certainty:  I am a man."

(Drik-Drisya Viveka 7;  It is a small work by Sankara.  I have
already written posts on this.)

Verse 93:-  The Jiva experiences the three states of detachment,
joy and suffering.  Joy and suffering are the results of actions.
Deachment comes naturally.

Verse 94:- Pain and pleasure are of two sorts as the experience
is limited within the mind, or is external to it also.  The state
of detachment appears in the intervals between pain and pleasure.

(Between pain and pleasure, where there is detachment and in
this state, the bliss is enjoyed or felt.  A man was swimming in
the river, and suddenly a he was caught into a whirlpool.  He
was praying to all sorts of gods and took a vow that if he is
saved he would give up smoking!  He was rescued and he came
to the river bank.  Immediately, he looked for his cigerattes,
took one, and started smoking!  Now where is the pleasure?
Between pain and pleasure, in the area of detachment.)

To be contd....

Arunachala Siva.