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Panchadasi - (126)
« on: August 26, 2008, 01:19:45 PM »
The Chapter XI continues....

Verse 86:-  Even when on the acquisition of he desired
external objects, the desire becomes quiescent and the Vritti
is directed inward, it reflects the bliss of Brahman.  This is
what is known as 'reflected' bliss or visaya-ananda, or,
the bliss derived from the enjoyment of external things.

(We have to come back only to Who am I?.  Bhagavan says,
"Whenever desired objects are acquired, or the undesirable
objects suffer, the mind comes to Atma and enjoys its 'Swarupa'.
We also observe in wordly life, say in office, one gets happiness,
if he gets promotion, and gets as much happiness, when one's
opponent or an undesired person does not get promotion! 
In both the cases, one's mind returns to Atma and enjoys bliis.)

Verse 87:- There are thus only three kinds of bliss, experienced
in the world. (1) Brahmananda, the bliss of Brahman, (2) Vasana-
ananda, the bliss arising in the quiescent mind out of the impressions
of Brahmananda, (a trice in the beginning of the waking state, and
(3) Visaya-ananda, the bliss resulting from the fulfilment of the
desire to be in contact with external objects.

Verse 88:- Of these, the self-revealing bliss of Brahman gives
rise to the other two kinds of blis, the Vasana-ananda and the

Verse 89:- The fact that the bliss of Brahman is self-revealing
in deep sleep is established by the authority of the scriptures,
by reasoning, and by one's experience.  Now hear about its
experience at other times.

(Maandukya Up. 5;  Kaivalya Up. 13)

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.