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Bhagavan & Squirrel 7
« on: August 21, 2010, 05:02:05 PM »
There was a nest near Bhagavan's couch. The young squirrels became orphans as their mother was eaten by a cat. Therefore, Bhagavan, who have equal concern for all living beings without any discrimination, took care of the young ones.

"The little ones do not know that the wisdom lies in remaining inside the nest, because all troubles are outside. But they cannot remain inside, i.e. within" said Bhagavan and using this example Bhagavan taught his devotees how to turn the mind inwards and how beneficial it is for spiritual sadhana. He told, "If the mind is not externalised but remains sunk in the heart, then there would only be happiness, but mind keeps moving out."

Rangaswamy was an attendant to Bhagavan for a number of years and served Bhagavan with diligent devotion. Suri Nagamma referred to him as 'Nandi!' He was to Bhagavan what Nandi was to Lord Shiva!

Once he asked Bhagavan, "What is the path for keeping the mind inwards?"

Bhagavan replied, "It is exactly the same as what I am doing now. Each time a young squirrel comes out, I keep putting it back into the nest. When I go on doing it, the young squirrel learns the happiness of staying in the nest."

What does the baby squirrel know, that the cat is outside and it will be eaten if it goes out!

Salutations to Sri Ramana
॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta


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Re: Bhagavan & Squirrel 7
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2010, 10:32:41 AM »

Dear Nagaraj,

Once there were two pandits who were discussing about some
Sanskrit work, outside the Hall.  Suddenly felt, it was very warm
outside.  "One was telling the other:  Oh, it is better to go inside.
It is very hot outside."   

Bhagavan Ramana also told them smilingly:  Yes. It is quite
hot outside.  Why not you come inside and stay?

This is the essence of self enquiry. When the mind jumps out
and stay in the world it is very hot and miserable.  To stay within, in the cozy comfort of the Self, is quite pleasant!

Arunachala Siva.