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Panchadasi - (123)
« on: August 26, 2008, 12:33:59 PM »
The Chapter XI continues....

Verse 72:-  In the enjoyment the bliss of Brahman in deep sleep,
the consciousness reflected in ignorance is the means. Prompted
by its Karma, good or bad, the Jiva gives up the enjoyment of bliss
and goes out to the waking state.

(The readers may here ask, 'why then, we cannot always be
in the sleeping state to enjoy the bliss?'  Bhagavan answers:
"One cannot always be in sleep state, because (a) our Karmas
will pull us back into waking state, (b) in sleep, one enjoys
the bliss only through Anandamaya kosa, and that is not the end
(c) and because of (b) we should work out our permanent bliss
that is the Self, beyond Anandamya kosa, in our waking state.")

Verse 73:- The Kaivalya Upanishad says that a Jiva passes
from the sleeping to the waking state owing to the effects of
the actions of the former births.  Reawakening thus is a result
of action.

(Kavalya Up. 14)

Verse 74:- For a short time, after the waking up the impression
of the bliss of Brahman enjoyed during sleep continues.  For he
remains for some time calm and happy, without taking any
interest in the enjoyment of external objects.

(Bhagavan Ramana has mentioned about this state in Talks.
He has said that as soon as one wakes up, for a trice, one
stays in the Self.  After that the 'I' thought rises and with that
all the mischief starts!  The trouble starts with 'O where is my
bed coffee?)

Verse 75:-  Then, impelled by his past actions ready to bear
fruits, he begins to think of duties and their impelementation
entailing sufferings of many kinds and gradually forgets the
bliss of Brahman, experienced a few minutes before.

(The thoughts:  Is the hot water ready?  Where is my shirt?
Where is my trousers?  Where is my breakfast.  I should go
to office a litle earlier today!  That rascal Joseph, I should
shout at him today, he has typed the letters full of mistakes

Verse 76:-  Experiencing the bliss of Brahman before and after
sleep day after day, man develops a predilection fo it.  How
can a man, therefore doubt it, tht is the existence of the bliss
of Brahman?

To be contd....

Arunachala Siva.