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Study of Scriptures is Essential.
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Srinivasa Ramanujam got Self Realization without any "Formal Mathematical Training"
he was not trained in formal proof system.
out of pure interest, he has learnt mathematics.
He sent a manuscript to Hardy. It contained just plain statements without any proof. Some of them were already known and some were unknown and they were clueless about them. So the first doubt Hardy got was "Is this someone just trying to fool us or a real genius". He took the chances and invited him to his place. Then, Ramanujam was given formal training and he was told proofs etc.

The case of Sri Ramana Maharshi is so similar. He was such a genius that he needed no scriptural study. He instantaneously plunged within and remained as Self. No formal scriptural study was undertaken.
After realization when people brought Vivekachudamani etc, he just went through them... without any attachment.

But a student wanting to learn mathematics cannot imitate Ramanujam. He cannot say, ill just think, i do not need books.
Same with religious systems. no one can imitate a Ramana. one can give it a try. just sit down and try seeking "I" and become Self Realized. IT does not happen for most people.

Study of Scriptures is a must! Proper Study, under qualified Guru is a must. Even Ramana advised studying Yoga Vasishta or Ribhu Gita. Thats important.
we should not jump to the conclusion that study of scriptures is not required.
Its important.

Now its important to note that Ramana himself told that exhaustive study of scriptures is not a must. But one must grasp the teaching. A single line can help one grasp the teaching, while one might have to go through all the scriptures and yet remain unenlightened. So what is the way?

Ramana's teaching is clear. What is special about scriptures like Yoga Vasishta or Ribhu Gita? Just Reading them or reveling in them is a sadhana. Instead of concentrating on grammar or tarka etc... one should rather get straight to the essential teachings. Like Self Inquiry of Ramana Maharshi or Ribhu Gita or Yoga Vasishta.

in any case, Scriptures are very useful aids. but if people get egotistic, they become a trouble.
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Re: Study of Scriptures is Essential.
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Dear srkudai,

There is an old book which gives the biography of Srinivasa Ramanujam, titled "The Man who knew Infinity."  It is not
merely the infinity in Mathematics but Infinity which is God.
Though he did not read any scriptures, he was a brahmin and must
have been chanting Gayatri.  He was also a worhshipper of Namagiri, a goddess near Tiruchirapalli.  He has said that Goddess Namagiri, taught him everything!


In another famous book titled "The Darkness At Noon", Arthur
Koestler has quoted two prisoners talking to each other.  They
were in Russian prisons waiting for execution.  One prisoner asked
another:  "What will you do in this world, if you are released tomorrow?"  The other prisoner replied: "I shall go to bed with
women with breasts like champagne glasses."  Then the second
prisoner asked the first one:  "What will you do, if you are released
tomorrow?"  The first prisoner then said:  "I shall read astronomy
and reach God!"

Mathematics is truly a way to god, like scriptures.

Arunachala Siva.