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Panchadasi - (121)
« on: August 26, 2008, 11:59:27 AM »
The Chapter XI continues.....

Verse 64:- The modifications (Vrittis) of the intellect in
which, just before sleep, bliss is reflected becomes latent
in that state, in the state of deep sleep along with the
reflected bliss, and is known as the bliss sheath.

(So the bliss sheath is (1) a Vritti, modification of the intellect (2)
which had become latent, (3) in the deep sleep state and (4)
catching the reflection of the bliss of Brahman or bliss that is
Brahman.  Or in other words, the bliss sheath is the sheath
of the intellect gone inwards and in going inward it is divested
of the sense organs and it catches and retains the reflection
of the bliss of Brahman, which the sheath of the intellect has not.)

(Another point is to be noted here.  Here, the attention of the
Chidabhasa or Jiva is complete.  In this state, the experiencer
is a latent Vritti of the intellect, enlivened and illumined not by
the Chidabhasa, but by the Witness directly, reflecting Its
bliss on it with the help of a Vritti, not of the intellect but
of Mulavidya (the primordial Knowledge), thereby preventing
the complete identity of the Jiva and Siva, the individual and
the Absolute, (here denoted as Siva) and keeping the experience
vague, and revealing Its (Mulavidya's) existence simultaneously.)

Verse 65:-  This Vritti thus turned within, which is termed
the Bliss-Sheath, Anandamaya Kosa, enoys the bliss reflected
on it in association with the modfication of ignorance, catching
the reflection of the Consciousness.

(This Anandamaya kosa is not the Self or Ananda, but a small
dose of it.  Hence we may say that Anandamaya Kosa is the
closest to the Self.  It is like silver medal in Olympics but not
the gold medal, because the silver is not gold.)

Verse 66:- The adepts in Vedanta, say that the modficiations
of ignorance are subtle, whereas those of the intellect are gross.

To be contd....

Arunachala Siva.