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Panchadasi - (120)
« on: August 26, 2008, 11:43:05 AM »
The Chapter XI continues....

Verse 60:-  Recollection pre-supposes experience. So in
sleep, there was experience.  The bliss experienced in
dreamless sleep is revealed by consciousness itslef, which
also reveals the undifferentiated ignorance, Ajnana, covering
the bliss in that state.

Verse 61:-  The Vajasaneyins, say: "Braaman is of the nature
of Consciousness and Bliss."  Therefore, the self-luminous
bliss is Brahman Itself and nothing else.

(Vajasaneyi is a branch of Yajur Veda.  This thought is seen
in Brahadaranyaka Up. 3.9.28, which is part of that branch
of Yajur Veda.)

Verse 62:- The mind and the intellect sheaths are latent in
the state called ignorance.  Deep sleep is the condition in
which these sheaths are latent and it is therefore a
state of ignorance.

(Because the mind and the intelect were in latent state in
deep sleep, they come out during wakeful state and describe
the bliss of sleep.  Only the sleeper should wake up and tell
the world that it was bliss and not the onlookers!)

Verse 63:-  Just as melted butter again becomes solid, the
two sheaths in the state following deep sleep again becomes
manifest. The state in which the mind and intellect are latent
is called bliss-sheath. 

(In Saiva Siddhanta, it is said that the mind should be like  butter,
it should experience the bliss of Self but not tell it outside!  That
is, it should not melt away!  The Siva saints also say:  "It is like
the joy that that bride enjoyed during her nuptial night.  She
will not say it out to anyone, in the morning!  Even to her
mother, she would only 'look' at her and will not express!)

To be contd....

Arunachala Siva.