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Bhagavan & Lakshmi 2
« on: August 15, 2010, 11:39:33 PM »
One day the cow Lakshmi came to the Hall. She went straight to Bhagavan, put her head on Bhagavan’s shoulder and wept. Bhagavan sat very quietly and gently stroked her head. “Why are you so sad?” he would whisper in her ears. “Who has hurt you? Cheer up, my dear, stop crying. I am here to befriend you.” Lakshmi stopped crying, gave Bhagavan a few licks and went away, comforted.


How pure and innocent, Platonic love...

Salutations to Sri Ramana
॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta


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Re: Bhagavan & Lakshmi 2
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Arunachalam Pillai told Bhagavan Ramana:  "I have for a long time been thinking of presenting Bhagavan with a cow.  I am now in a
position to do so.  I have brought it after a good deal of trouble
by boat and train.  Please keep it, Swami."

Bhagavan told him:  "You have done your duty in presenting it to us. Who is there to look after it?  Please keep it with you on our behalf."

The owner of the cow replied:  "I will not take it away even if you cut my throat."

Hearing this Ramanatha Brahmachari was piqued and said with
great zest that he himself would look after the cow.

"All right.  Hang it round your own neck!"  Bhagavan Ramana said.

As the calf came to the Asramam on a Friday, it was named Lakshmi.

Arunachala Siva.