Author Topic: Paul Brunton Says India Has Mothered The Deepest Thought Of Man  (Read 1641 times)


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Brunton refers to the Bible, “Be still and know that I am God.” That is also the concluding line of the book. Ramana himself frequently used that verse in order to sum up his own method of Self-Enquiry.But Brunton does not mention Ramana at all in the book. Brunton says that Jesus spoke out of the deep region of the Overself (Himalayas,84).

Ramana was aware of the book Himalayas. In October 1936, Ramana was read an extract from it that had been printed in the Sunday Times. This shows that Ramana continued to follow Brunton's work.

Ramana read many of Brunton’s books, including A Search in Secret India, The Secret Path, A Search in Secret Egypt, and A Hermit in the Himalayas: The Journey of a Lonely Exile.

Ramana recommended these books for others to read, and he seems to have used Brunton’s ideas to interpret his own teachings. This seems particular evident in the idea of teaching by silent radiations of power.

He says that whereas India has mothered the deepest thought of man; Egypt was the father of his “most marvellous magic” (Quest, 43).

The fundamental lesson of Secret Egypt is that of man’s survival after death:

He steps out of the body, as one steps out of a prison, and does not perish with it. For man is mind, not matter.

Source: Paul Brunton and Ramana Maharshi by Dr. J. Glenn Friesen Book


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Re: Paul Brunton Says India Has Mothered The Deepest Thought Of Man
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Bhagavan used Brunton's ideas to interpret His teachings!
A Himalayan lie.  Bhagavan Ramana said that He had been
telling everything out of His own experience. He has also said
that later He found that His experience tallied with Sankara's

Arunachala Siva.