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The Story of Gadhi from Yoga Vasishtam
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Gadhi was a Brahmin. He was extremely devotional. he used to, every day, stand in a river and repeat various mantras to purify his mind. And as a result of his practice, Vishnu appeared before him.
Gadhi requested Vishnu to grant him to have a vision of his Maya.
"You shall understand my Maya and then find release from it", Vishnu granted the boon.

The next day, as Gadhi took a dip in the water to purify his body, he saw his own dead body floating in the waters. his face was pale and the body lifeless. his parents and wife were crying holding his body. he saw all this and suddenly he felt himself reborn in the womb of a tribal woman. He saw himself growing as a tribe, and then he got married to another tribal woman. he had children, all of whom were as cruel as he himself was. But he lost his children and his family in quick successions.
dejected, he moved away from the place into the city. as he was going on the streets, the royal elephant chose him as the next king. he was appointed as the king and he started leading the kingdom.

one day, he saw a group of tribes outside the kingdom singing some familiar tribal song. he silently went there and got seated. he was enjoying the song when one of the tribes recognized him!

The news spread that the current king was a tribe earlier! Many people got really disappointed at this that they were ruled by a tribe who ate dog meat. considering him as a very low caste person, many people killed themselves.

seeing all this, he thought that it was all due to his presence and therefore he decided to kill himself.
he leapt into fire and as fire was scorching his body, he suddenly regained his consciousness !

"what an imagination of mind", he thought to himself and left to his room.

That day a friend [another brahmin] visited him. he was looking weak. On enquiry, he replied that in a neighboring village a tribal became king and i have been fasting for the last 3 days to avoid any mishap due to such a unholy thing!
surprised at this, he decided to go to the village.
he went there and asked the people if they knew that king and they told him exactly what happened in his dream!

This is maya.
This life is just like that.
not at all different from imagination.
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Re: The Story of Gadhi from Yoga Vasishtam
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Dear srkudai,

Excellent post.

Maya is anirvachaneeyam, indescribable power of illusion.
That is why, only a few like Bhagavan Ramana could get past it and attained Jnanam.  Bhagavan Ramana says
in Sri Arunachala Navamani Maalai Verse 9:

As mother and father both, you gave me birth and tended me.
And before I could fall into the deep sea called Jaganmaya and
get drowned in the universal illusion, you came to abide in my
mind, you drew to Yourself, O Arunachala, you whose being
is all Awareness.  What a wonderful work of art, Your Grace,
has wrought, my Mother-Father - Lord!   

In one story of Bhagavatam, Krishna wants a glass of water,
since he was very thirsty, and Narada was sent.  Narada went
to a nearby village, found a beautiful low caste girl, married
her, begot 8 children and one by one they all died.  Narada
was weeping.  Krishna came and asked:  What man, you have
still not brought me a glass of water!

Arunachala Siva.