Author Topic: SUBTLE DESIRES By Swami Sivananada  (Read 1366 times)


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SUBTLE DESIRES By Swami Sivananada
« on: July 12, 2010, 12:08:55 AM »
The summum bonum of existence is the attainment of knowledge of the self, the realisation of the one homogeneous self. The knowledge of the Self can only dawn when there is extinction of all the vasanas. Vasanas are subtle desires; they are gross in nature. Some philosophers define vasanas as tendencies or inclinations. Others say they are blind clinging to sensual objects, through intense longing or craving, without deliberation or thinking.

There are two kinds of vasanas - the pure and the impure. Pure vasanas liberate one from rebirth. Impure vasanas cause the mind to fluctuate, producing agitation in the mind and affinity for objects. If you are led by pure vasanas, you will soon attain the immortal seat of ineffable splendour. The vasanas generated by you in past lives will cling to you in future births. But if pure vasanas cling to you, you will easily attain knowledge of the self, and through this you will attain liberation. If the impure vasanas cling to you, you will experience pain and sorrow; you will get rebirth in this world, again and again.

The tree-mind has two seeds - one is vasana and the other is the fluctuation of prana (life). The seeds produce a big tree and the tree again produces seeds. So also the vibration of prana arises through vasana and the vasana operates through the movement of prana. If either perishes, both soon perish.

Egoism is the first asuric (demoniac) son of avidya (ignorance). Egoism has two asuric daughters - raga and vasana. There is an intimate connection between vasana and raga. Raga is attachment. Mamata (mine-ness) is due to raga. If you want to kill raga and vasana, you must annihilate egoism. If you want to kill egoism you must first kill avidya. Destroy avidya first - raga and vasana will die by themselves.

Mind is the cause for bondage and freedom. A mind filled with impure vasanas leads to bondage, whereas a mind destitute of vasanas tends to freedom. When mind is no-mind (through destruction of vasanas), then you become mindless. When you become mindless, intuition dawns and you are endowed with the eye of wisdom. You will enjoy indescribable peace.


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Re: SUBTLE DESIRES By Swami Sivananada
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2010, 08:27:11 AM »

Dear prasanth,

Bhagavan Ramana has said that there is only one mind.  But vasanas
are two, subha and asubha vasanas.  These asubha vasanas are the
reason for the rebirth and death. These asubha vasanas only sprout
from the asura-ego.

Muruganar says in Guru Vachaka Kovai:

Verse 585:  A stupid dog grabs a dry bone in its mouth, crunches
it continuously with its teeth, - krak krak - making its mouth bleed.
Enjoying that blood and cherishing that bone, it extols it, thinking,
"Nothing else has a taste as delicious as this!"

Verse 586:  Those ignorant people who have not experienced the
bliss of consciousness will esteem the other pleasures, said to begin with the pleasures of the despicable female sexual organ, and will
be tossed about by them.  Even at the moment of their death, they will pine away, lusting after them and perish.

Verse 587:  Completely forgetting the life of vast [bliss] that abounds in the Heart as that which is worthy of being known and
enjoyed, the minds of the ignorant will melt and long for that honey droplet, the pleasures of sense objects that are smaller than a broken millet seed.

Bhagavan Ramana says in Who am I? : 'Relentless Swarupa dhyanam is the only way to destroy the vasanas.'

Arunachala Siva.