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A devotee wanted to take a photo of Bhagavan together with Ganapati Muni. Bhagavan consented, and a carpet was spread near the well, on which a sofa was put for Bhagavan to sit on. Ganapati Muni sat down at his feet, but Bhagavan asked him to sit by his side. Ganapati Muni was reluctant, but Bhagavan lifted him up and made him sit on the sofa. The photo was taken, and some prints were made and distributed among
the devotees.

The Ashram authorities came to know about it when it was all over and, quite naturally, were indignant, for sitting on the same level with one’s Guru was a serious breach of custom, implying a claim for spiritual equality. The negative and the prints had to be given up.But the man who had taken the photo refused to surrender his copy. It did not bring him any luck; shortly after he committed suicide. The question why Bhagavan forced Ganapati Muni to sit on the sofa was never answered. Maybe it was his way of bringing the deeply hidden weaknesses of everybody to the surface.

Bose and Yogi Ramaiah were accompanying Bhagavan up the hill. While they were waiting for him to return, Yogi Ramaiah told Bose that a cement platform would be useful for Bhagavan to rest on. On his return Bhagavan was told of the idea and he said, “Don’t. If you construct a platform,somebody will erect a temple”.

Once a devotee asked Bhagavan, “Have you seen Shiva,Nandi and Kailas?” Bhagavan replied, “No, never. But the Self I see every moment”.

Source : RAMANA SMRTI Sri Ramana Maharshi Birth Centenary Offering 1980


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Re: Final Part - Tales Of Ramana Maharshi Recounted By Chalam
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This photo with Ganapati Muni and Bhagavan on the sofa, has
never been made available.  The whole incident is a mystery.

Once Maruice Frydman asked Bhagavan:  "If I am the Self and
you are the Self, why not I sit with you.?"  Bhagavan Ramana
smiled and said:  "Why not? Come and sit!"  Maurice Frydman
said:  "But, Bhagavan! If I sit, perhaps You may not mind; but
the people in the Asramam will lynch me!"  Then Bhagavan Ramana
said:  "Then till such time, you realize the Self, when people would
not mistake your sitting with me, please pursue self enquiry!"

No one has sat with Him on the sofa.  Perhaps that fortune was
available to some squirrels, monkeys and a leopard which was brought to Bhagavan.  The leopard being very rajasic, did not
stay with Him for more than one day, since the devotees were
afraid and the owner took it back.

Arunachala Siva.