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What is Self Inquiry ?
« on: July 08, 2010, 11:46:16 AM »
Dear Friends,
             Let us discuss about "Self Inquiry" . Self inquiry, as i mentioned earlier is not really holding onto "I". I shall explain my point of view carefully. Friends, i hope you pay some attention to this.[and correct me if i am wrong here. This is pragmatic approach. there is no attachment or aversion to other ideas. This is practical, realistic perspective.].

1. What is Self Realization? ITs Liberation. Jeevan Mukthi. Mukthi means Liberation.
2. But Liberation means bondage. What is the bondage? Bondage is that which curtails freedom.
3. So what is bondage? Suppose doctor advices me not to eat sweets. And i am not able to stop eating. That is lack of freedom. right?
    Suppose we decide again and again to do something but not able to implement it. That is lack of Freedom.
    All Suffering is lack of freedom. Is this not so ?
4. So the problem has to be knocked out from roots. We need not a way or practice by which we can "ALTER" states of mind or body, but a
    solution to bondage. isnt this?
5. So what is solution to bondage. Now its time to look within. Coz no external object can touch us without our internalizing it. Unless we take
    it inside in the form of a thought it cannot influence us. for example, suppose my hand is broken. unless, i have the perception in mind, the
    hand cannot influence us. This is a very very beautiful understanding. in sanskrit it is said "Deho na janathi", the body does not know.
6. Deho na janathi. Body does not know. Show it the most beautiful girl or the ugliest creature on earth; it does not know the difference.
    the sensation of pain and comfort are not distinguished. That is why when there is a death, even if the body is burnt, it does not respond.
    this is like a car. when the car is broken, burnt etc, the car does not cry ... the owner of the car cries.
7. So Dheho na janathi. And Consciousness just makes the perception possible. it just fecilitates. It is totally untouched. Consciousness
   facilitates all kinds of perception and is itself unconcerned whether the sensation is of pain or pleasure.
8. So who is it that stands "in-between" the body which knows no difference and the Consciousness which is unconcerned?

we will explore. We Explore within and in each perception see how the body does not know and "I" the consciousness do concern myself... and look how there is really no one present who has an objection ! The moment we look as to who is really "in-between", there is none. Or rather, i'll put it as ... the thought is saying "I am uncomfortable"... but there is no "I" who is uncomfortable in truth. Coz the body does not know comfort or discomfort. True "I" or consciousness does not concern itself with comfort or discomfort. Hence this sort of thoughts
"I am attracted"
"I am averse"
are all games of maya. There is no "I" who is attracted or repulsed. This "I" is a pseudo I
This is Self inquiry. It has to be done during experiences, coz thats where these sort of thoughts arise.



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Re: What is Self Inquiry ?
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2010, 12:09:37 PM »
Holding on to "I" thought helps us to destroy the body identity and Bhagawan himself prescribed that.
When we hold on to "I"thought we are just conscious of the body(Deha Spruha) which is different from
body identity(Deha Tadatmyam),the latter pathological and the former is physiological.
And what is our status to say that Bhagawan is wrong.


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Re: What is Self Inquiry ?
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2010, 07:13:32 PM »
Holding I thought helps mind to go introvert, by "holding" I thought, I thought does not rise as roles. But anyway, it is just a thought...

"Keeping one's attention on the subtle consciousness that is experienced by the extremely subtle mind is personal service to me." - source: Padamalai book


What is Self inquiry is quite clearly answered by Ramana:
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Re: What is Self Inquiry ?
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2010, 11:41:00 AM »

Dear amiatall,

Yes. Very true. Bhagavan Ramana says this in Verse 5 of Sri Arunachala Ashtakam:

Like the string that holds together the gems, in a necklace,
You it is that penetrate and bind all beings and the various
religions.  If, like a gem, that is cut and polished, the separate
mind is whetted on the grindstone of the pure universal Mind,
it will acquire the light of your Grace, and shine like a Ruby,
whose brightness is never flawed by any other object.  When
once the light of he Sun has fallen on a sensitive plate, will
the plate register another picture?  Apart from You, O Aruna
Hill, bright, auspicious does any other thing exist?

Arunachala Siva.