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Few Talks Of Great sages/saints
« on: June 19, 2010, 10:53:43 AM »
"Son, does one acquire faith by mere study of books? Too much study creates confusion. Suppose I write to you a letter asking you to bring such and such things for me. How long would you need this letter? As long as you don't know what it says. As soon as you have known the contents of the letter, what would be the need of it any longer? Then what is required of you is to bring me those things. Without doing so, what would be the good of reading the letter day and night?"

-- The Gospel of The Holy Mother - Section Two (21): Page 323

Milk poured into water mixes with it; but butter, churned from milk, floats on top of water," the Master said. "Similarly, the milk of an ordinary person's mind is quickly diluted by the waters of delusion. The man of spiritual self-discipline churns the milk of his mind into the butterstate of divine stability. Free from earthly desires and attachments, he is able to float serenly on waters of worldly life, ever intent on God." - Yogananda Paramahamsa

"You are already the Self. No elaborate science
is necessary to establish it. The cessation of
such thoughts is the realization of the Self.
One does not see the world, or one's own body,
being away from the Self.
Always being the Self, one sees everything else.
God and the world are all in the Heart. [Self].
See the Seer and everything will be found to be
the Self.
Change your outlook. Look within. Find the Self.
Find it and all problems will be solved."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

"The world is only spiritual. Since you are
identifying yourself with the physical body,
you speak of this world as being physical
and the other world as spiritual.
Whereas, that which is, is only spiritual.

What I meant by Spirit and Spiritual world
is the Absolute Spirit and not relative. If
you realize yourself as Spirit, you will see
this world is only spiritual and not physical."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded, Jan 17th, 1937-

"Think of Bhagavan.
How would the affairs of the world distract Him?
You and they are in Him."

"If one wants to abide in the thought-free state,
a struggle is inevitable. One must fight one's way
through before regaining one's original state. If
one succeeds in the fight and reaches the goal,
the enemy, namely the thoughts, will all subside
in the Self and disappear entirely. The thoughts
are the enemy. They amount to the creation of
the Universe. In their absence, there is neither
world nor God the Creator.
The Bliss of the Self is the single Being only."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded, Jan 12, 1937 & Jan 13th, 1937-

"Again, consider it from another point of view:
You create a dream-body for yourself in your
dream and act with that dream-body. That
body is falsified in the waking state. At present,
you think you are this body and not the dream
body. In your dream, this body is falsified by
the dream-body. So that, you see, neither of
these bodies is real since each of them is true
for a time only and false at other times.
That which is real, must be real forever.
But you say, "I."
This "I" consciousness is present throughout
all the states. There is no change to it.
That alone is Real."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded, Jan, 17th, 1937-

"One may seem to go out of the body,
but the body itself is not more than our
thought. There can be no body in the
absence of thought; no outgoing or in-
coming in the absence of body. However,
owing to habit, the feeling of going out
A particle of hail falling on the sea melts
away and becomes water, wave, froth,
etc, in the sea.
Similarly, the subtle intellect, rising up
as the tiny dot [ego] from the heart and
bulging out, finally enters into and becomes
one with the Heart-Self.

Or if you surrender yourself to God, you have
made yourself over to Him and you are His
and no longer yours."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi
-recorded, Jan 13th, 1937-

"You say you concentrate but do not succeed.
'You' means the 'Self.' On what do you concentrate?
Where do you fail?
Are there two selves, for the one to concentrate
on the other? Which is the self now complaining
of failure? There cannot be two selves. There is
only one Self, and That need not concentrate.

Find out the mind. If its "wandering" stops, it will
be found to be the Self -- your "I" consciousness
which is Spirit eternal. It is beyond knowledge and

The Self remains as the undisturbed substratum."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded, Jan 17, 1937-

"Surrender should not be verbal nor
conditional. Prayer is not verbal; it
is from the Heart. To merge into the
Heart is prayer. That is also Grace."
Grace is both the beginning and the
end. Introversion is due to Grace;
and Realization is Grace.....If one
has entirely surrendered oneself,
is there any part left to ask for
Grace? He is then swallowed up
by Grace.....
If a Higher Power is recognized
and surrendered to, how can any
obstacle obstruct you?"

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded, Jan 7th, 1937-

"A phenomenon cannot be a reality simply because
it serves a purposes or purposes. Take a dream,
for example. The dream creations are purposeful;
they serve the dream purpose. The dream-water
quenches dream-thirst. The dream-creation is,
however, contradicted in the waking state. The
waking creation is contradicted in the dream state.
What is not continuous cannot be real. If real, the
thing must ever be real, not real for a short time
and unreal at other times.....
the universe cannot be real of itself--that is to
say, apart from the underlying Reality."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded, Jan 3rd, 1937-

"The universe is beginning to look more like a great thought than a great machine."

--Sir James Johns, 20th century British astrophysicist--

"The treasure I have found cannot be described in words; I am one with Brahman."

--Shankara, 8th century Indian Sage--

"A Higher Power is leading you.
the Higher Power knows
what to do and
how to do it.
Trust It."

--Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi--

"Visions and thought-currents are had
according to the state of mind. It
depends on the individuals and not
upon the Universal Presence.
Moreover, they are immaterial.
What matters is Peace of Mind."
"Do not take the non-self to be the
Self. Then the Self will be evident
to you."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded, Jan 6th, 1937-

There is no difference between the mind and the Self. The mind turned inwards is the Self; turned outwards, it becomes the ego and all the world. The cotton made into various cloths, we call by various names. But all the clothes are cotton. The one is real, the many are mere names and forms. But the mind does not exist apart from the Self, i.e., it has no independent existence. The Self exists without the mind, never the mind without the Self.

"Why do you want to know of Brahman
apart from yourself? The scripture says,
"You are That." The Self is intimate to
you and you cannot be without the Self.
Realize it. That is the realization of
Brahman, also.
Surrender yourself unreservedly and
the Higher Power will reveal Itself.
Do it and see."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded, Jan 7th, 1937-

"This mind or brain acts as the magnifier
to that Eternal One Being and shows it
forth as the expanded universe. In the
waking and dream states, the mind is
outward bent and in deep sleep is in-
ward bent; with the mind as the medium,
the one Supreme Being seems diversified.
Therefore, you are only That and cannot
be otherwise. Whatever the changes, the
same one Being remains as yourself; there
is nothing besides yourself: the one Self
of all."

[from] Talks with Ramana Maharshi

-recorded Jan 7th, 1937-


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Re: Few Talks Of Great sages/saints
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2010, 10:36:09 AM »

Dear prasanth,

Yes.  All saints and sages have said the same thing as if they
are school boys copying from each others' notebooks.  The Truth
is only One and the ways of saying are many. 

Bhagavan Ramana used to say:  What is the use of reading books
endlessly?  For shaving your beard you see the mirror.  But you
are shaving your cheeks and not the mirror!

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Few Talks Of Great sages/saints
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2010, 01:00:31 PM »

Dear prasanth,

Yes.  All saints and sages have said the same thing as if they
are school boys copying from each others' notebooks. 

Subramanian garu,

You are right. Once instance i felt the same is for the spider example which bhagavan ramana and vivekananda had quoted.

"As the spider throws her web out of herself and draws it in, even so this universe is thrown out and drawn in by God."  - Swami Vivekananda

Source:  The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda/Volume 7/Inspired Talks

Just as the spider emits the thread [of its web] out from its own mouth and again withdraws it back, so the mind projects the world out from itself and again absorbs it back within. - Bhagavan Ramana


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Re: Few Talks Of Great sages/saints
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2010, 02:02:31 PM »
Subramanian Garu,

Today i came to know that This spider example is there in Srimad Bhagavatam also.

SB 11.9.21: Just as from within himself the spider expands thread through his mouth, plays with it for some time and eventually swallows it, similarly, the Supreme Personality of Godhead expands His personal potency from within Himself. Thus, the Lord displays the network of cosmic manifestation, utilizes it according to His purpose and eventually withdraws it completely within Himself.


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