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Panchadasi - (101)
« on: August 25, 2008, 11:44:26 AM »
The Chapter X continues...

Verse 6:-  He who thinks 'I am' is the agent.  Mind in his
instrument of action, and the actions of the mind are two types,
in succession, internal and external.

Verse 7:-  The internal modification of the mind takes the form
of "I".  It makes him as an agent.  The external modification
assumes the form of 'this'.  It reveals to him, the external things.

Verse 8:-  The external things (that are cognized) by the mind
in a general way, their special qualifications having been
jumbled up, are cognized by the five sense organs quite distinctly
as sound, touch, colour , taste and smell.

Verse 9:-  That Consciousness which reveals at one and
the same time the agent, the action, and the external objects
is called 'Witness', 'Sakshi'. in the Vedanta.

to be contd....

Arunchala Siva.