Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Says Even We Have Thoughts We Feel The Presence With Pure Mind  (Read 1472 times)


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D: This seems to contradict the statements that the Self is beyond the mind, that the mind cannot know Brahman, that it is beyond thought and speech (avangmanasagochara).

M: That is why they say that the mind is two fold: there is the higher pure mind as well as the lower impure mind. The impure mind cannot know it but the pure mind knows. It does not mean that the pure mind measures the immeasurable Self, the Brahman.

It means that the Self makes itself felt in the pure mind so that even when you are in the midst of thoughts you feel the Presence, you realise the truth that you are one with the deeper Self and that the thought- waves are there only on the surface.

Source: Book Extracts (Sat-Darshana-Bashya and Talks with Maharshi)


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Dear prasanth,

If the mind is like a deep mid ocean [non moving and deep],
and if only thoughts are like the waves on the shores, then
there is no problem at all.  This state is called Suddha Nilai
or Suddha Manas or Suddha Arivu.

In explaining the Verse 337 of Guru Vachaka Kovai, Muruganar

Verse 337:-  The mind which remains simultaneously as all these
three:  the world that is imaginary, like a water in a mirage, the Jiva that takes the form of the ego, who perceives, through suttarivu (objective consciousness) that world as an object; the
sight of the eyes, which are endowed with light.  Only seeing-
without-seeing the Reality, the mere ash that remains as the residue when the form of that mind is burnt without a trace,
leaving merely its name, is BRAHMA VIDYA, the vision of God.  The
rest [all other kinds of knowledge is not].

Muruganar adds here:

The sight of the eyes is objectifying consciousness [suttarivu], and what remains after the mind has been totally burnt is pure Consciousness [Suddha Arivu].  The two of them are therefore very
different from each other.  The latter, pure consciousness, pure being is God's transcendent Vibhuti and hene it has been described as 'the mere ash that remains as the residue'.

There are some more verses in GVK about this Pure Mind and Pure State [suddha nilai].

Arunachala Siva.