Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi says not to Ignore the Self and also not to think world is real  (Read 1607 times)


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Q: If the jnani and the ajnani perceive the world in like manner, where is the difference between them?

A: Seeing the world, the jnani sees the Self which is the substratum of all that is seen; the ajnani, whether he sees the world or not, is ignorant of his true being, the Self.

Take the instance of moving pictures on the screen in the cinema-show. What is there in front of you before the play begins ? Merely the screen. On that screen you see the entire show, and for all appearances the pictures are real. But go and try to take hold of them. What do you take hold of ? Merely the screen on which the pictures appeared. After the play, when the pictures disappear, what remains ? The screen again.

So with the Self. That alone exists, the pictures come and go. If you hold on to the Self, you will not be deceived by the appearance of the pictures. Nor does it matter at all if the pictures appear or disappear. Ignoring the Self the ajnani thinks the world is real, just as ignoring the screen he sees merely the pictures, as if they existed apart from it. If one knows that without the seer there is nothing to be seen, just as there are no pictures without the screen, one is not deluded.

The jnani knows that the screern and its pictures are only the Self. With the pictures the Self is in its manifest form; without the pictures it remains in the unmanifest form. To the jnani it is quite immaterial if the Self is in one form or the other. He is always the Self. But the ajnani seeing the jnani active gets confounded.

Source: Be as you are – The teachings of sri Ramana Maharishi Book


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Dear prasanth,

Bhagavan Ramana says this in Verse 5 of Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam:

He who, with Heart to you surrendered,
Beholds for ever You alone,
Sees all things as forms of You,
And loves them and serves them as none other,
Than the Self.  O Aruna Hill,
Triumphs because he is immersed
In You whose being is Pure Bliss.

    - Tr. Prof. K. Swaminathan.

Arunachala Siva.