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Panchadasi - (99)
« on: August 25, 2008, 11:26:28 AM »
The Chapter VIII continues....

Verse 72:- The Sruti tries to indicate the reality which is beyond
the body and the mind by using the conceptions of Jiva,
Isvara and Jagat.

(See Who am I?  After release, I am Isvara, I am the world,
I am the Jiva.)

Verse 73:-  Acharya Suresvara has said that whatever method
helps one to understand clealy the indwelling Atman is
approved by the Vedantic classics.

Verse 74:-  The dull witted, ignorant of the real meaning of
the Sruti, wanders here and there, whereas the wise, understanding
its purport, ever abides in the ocean of bliss.

Verse 75:-  Like a cloud which pours out streams of rain, Maya
creates the world, Jagat.  As the ether is not affected by the
rain, so Pure Consciousnes, that I am, suffers neither gain nor
loss from anything phenomenal world.  That is the conviction
of the wise.

Verse 76:-  He who always reflects this ' Lamp of Kutastha'
ever abides as the self-revealing Kutastha.


Arunchala Siva.