Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi says Be satisfied with what you have  (Read 1530 times)


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Ramana Maharshi says Be satisfied with what you have
« on: June 29, 2010, 12:54:42 PM »
At Skandasramam lived a monkey named Nondi, which was the pet of all. Maharshi had ordered that whatever food was served to his followers should also be served to the monkey, and in case it was absent elsewhere, then its share should be kept separate for its return. In such a case, the food would be kept near a window inside the cave and the shutter closed but not bolted. This was the custom.

On one of his periodical visits to the Asramam one day,the boy had enjoyed the sweet dishes served to the devotees. He had a little more than the usual share. The monkey being absent, its share was kept near the closed window. The boy, having had his share, went up to the window and began to eat out of the monkey’s as well. Suddenly, the monkey came and opened the window only to see the boy eating its share. It gave the boy a blow on his cheek. Shocked and terrified, the boy cried out and devotees tried to console him. Bhagavan came to the spot, understood the situation and told the boy: “You deserve it. Why did you want his (monkey’s) share. You have had enough already.You ought to have been contented with that.” Instead of appeasing the beloved child, Bhagavan put him right. The boy became silent and heeded Bhagavan’s words.

“Do not touch the property of others. Be content with what you have. Share equally what you have. Divide it with one and all around you. Help the needy. Be not blind when a wrong is committed before you. Correct it if possible, or at least speak out for the right.” These are some of the golden truths the young boy was able to grasp from the words of the Maharshi that day.

That blessed boy is Swami Ramanananda (Sri T.N.Venkataraman, former president of Sri Ramanasramam, the only descendant of Maharshi’s family).

Source: The Silent Power Selections from The Mountain Path and The Call Divine


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Re: Ramana Maharshi says Be satisfied with what you have
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Dear prasanth,

About desire and fear, Muruganar says in Padamalai:-

Verse 1974:  Unless one realizes one's non dual nature, the desire
and fear that are caused by delusion will not cease.

Verse 1821:  Instead of enjoying bliss, established in the state of the Self, why this desire in you for the world, which frightens the mind?

Verse 722:  With the help of divine grace, destroy your fear, end
your suffering, and attain the state of bliss.

Verse 342:  Since Iswara abides as your own Self, it is impossible
to deceive him, no mater, what you do.

Verse 2225:  By indulging in improper conduct, the jiva will swelter
and suffer in the burgeoning fire of sordid sense objects.

Verse 1023:  Accept with great joy whatever is obtained without desiring it.  Regard it as sufficient and offer it to the body.

Arunachala Siva.