Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi questions why few immature minds associate with Sadhus  (Read 1486 times)


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Why do these people of immature mind, who are melting and weeping with the longing to obtain easily the five sense-pleasures, come and associate with Sadhus, who always live the aim of conquering and completely destroying the five sense-pleasures?

Sadhu Om and Michael James: Do not people who, even though they may hold degrees or high and powerful positions in society,are immature, approach Sadhus with worldly offerings and wait in their holy presence for the fulfilment of their desires? This is not only foolish, but also improper. Since such worldly people are mad after the five sense-pleasures, whereas Sadhus are totally destroying the desire for the five sense-pleasures by the power of their tapas, they have no business with Sadhus. The following incident will throw more light on this point:

One evening at 4 pm during Sri Bhagavan’s stay at Virupaksha Cave, an old brahmin came there with his daughter and offered a big plateful of costly sweets. Sri Bhagavan accepted a little of it, and the rest was distributed to all the devotees present,who were immensely happy since in those days they were not getting even enough ordinary food to satisfy their needs. The devotees were very happy, but Sri Bhagavan did not seem to be so pleased. On the third day when she came with her usual plate,though all the devotees were very happy, Sri Bhagavan told her with a look of displeasure, “What is this? Why do you bring today also? I did not mind when you brought it once or twice, but why do you daily bring such costly things? If there is any expectation behind these offerings, it is wrong. This is not the place for the ful-filment of worldly desires. If you have any such desire, do not bring these offerings from tomorrow onwards”.

Next day, to the great disappointment of many of the devotees,she did not come. One of the devotees afterwards enquired from her father and came to know that, in spite of having passed the normal age, the girl had not yet attained maturity for her marriage,and that someone had advised her father that if such offerings were made to Sri Bhagavan, their desire would be fulfilled.

Source: GURU VACHAKA KOVAI The Light of Supreme Truth or THE COLLECTION OF GURU’S SAYINGS translated from original Tamil By Sadhu Om and Michael James

Guru Vachaka Kovai is the biggest collection of Bhagavan’s spoken teachings that was thoroughly checked and revised by him during his lifetime. As such it has a unique place in the Ramana literature.


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Dear prasanth,

Muruganar says in this context, in his Padamalai:

Verse 416:  Padam, the peaceful refuge, possesses the great reknown that all that happens occurs only through the Power of His Presence.

David Godman adds here:

Many people had wonderful experiences in Bhagavan's Presence.  Others found that if they appeared to Bhagavan for help with their
problems, satisfactory solutions, some of them seemingly miraculous, would follow.  Bhagavan never claimed responsibility
for any of these phenomena.  Instead, He said that there was a
Sannidhi, a Presence in the vicinity of enlightened beings that took care of all the problems that were brought to their attention.  Bhagavan Himself was quite adamant that He did nothing in these circumstances. Narayana Iyer elicited the following explanation from
Bhagavan on this point.  The word 'sankalpa' that appears several times in the exchange means 'will' or 'intention'.  It is the desire to follow a particular course of action.

One day when I was sitting by the side of Bhagavan, I felt so miserable that I put the following question to Him:  "Is the
Sankalpa of the Jnani not capable of warding off the destinies of the devotees?"

Bhagavan smiled and said: "Does the Jnani have a sankalpa at all?  The Jivanmukta [liberated being] can have no sankalpas whatsoever. It is just impossible."

I continued: "Then what is the fate of all of us who pray to you
to have grace on us and save us?  Will we not be benefited or saved by sitting in front of you, or by coming to you?...."

Bhagavan turned graciously to me and said: "... a person's bad
karma will be considerably reduced while he is in the Presence
of a Jnani.  A Jnani has not sankalpas but His sannidhi [Presence] is the most powerful force.  He need not have sankalpa, but His presiding Presence, the most powerful force, can do wonders:  save souls. give peace of mind, even give liberation to ripe souls. Your prayers are not answered by him and absorbed by His Presence.   His Presence saves you, wards off the karma and gives you the boons as the case may be, [but] involuntarily.  The Jnani does save devotees, but not by sankalpa, which is non existent in Him, only through His presiding Presence, His Sannidhi.

                          (From Mountain Path, 1968.)               

Verse 1287:  The effulgent Padam purifies the mind with splendour
of grace such that its defilement is removed, infusing it with a consciousness that is the rarest ambrosia.

Verse 1354:  Padam, the truth, shines in the Heart, stunning the attitude of mind that conducts itself by faith alone. 

Arunachala Siva.