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Panchadasi - (97)
« on: August 24, 2008, 05:40:21 PM »
The Chapter VIII continues....

Verse 60:-  The Sruti declares that Jiva and Isvara are both
reflections of Brahman, in Maya.  They, are however, different
from material things in that they are transparent, that is revealing,
just as a glass is jar is different from earthern pots.

(Nrshimha Uttara Tapaniya Up. 9.  The adjuncts of Jiva and
Isvara are capable of presenting a clear reflection of consciousness,
whereas other products of Maya cannot.  Isvara is a reflection
of Pure Sattva.  Jiva is tainted by Rajas and Tamas.

Verse 61:- Though both are products of food, the mind is
subtler and purer than the body.  Similarly Jiva and Isvara
are more transparent than those of grosser products of Maya.

Verse 62:-  Jiva and Isvara, because they manifest the power
of revealing, must be considered to be endowed with consciousness.
For, nothing is difficult for Maya, that is endowed with the power
to create all things.

Verse 63:-  When we asleep, our dreams create even Jiva and
Isvara.  What wonder is there then that the Great Maya creates
them in the waking state? 

(Maya is called Sakti, Maha-Maya, is the of both Maya and

Verse 64:-  The Maya creates  omniscience and other qualities
too in Isvara.  When it can create Isvara, the receptacle of
those qualities, is it difficult  to conceive that it can also
create these qualities in Him?

Verse 65:-  If you raise the improper doubt about Kutastha,
we say, 'do not imagine that Kutastha is also a creation of
Maya.  There is no evidence for that assumption.

To be contd...

Arunachal Siva.