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Few Poems On Ramana Maharshi
« on: June 26, 2010, 11:43:05 AM »
"As for myself, my body is weak
and shakes while walking; my mind
has grown very dull; the Vedic Mantras
I have forgotten; old age has overtaken
me; and my eyes are dim. Though learned,
I remain ignorant. O Sad-Guru Ramana,
Save me!

Wantonly inflated by the pride of being
the lord of all the senses, the mind does
not see its true Lord seated in the heart.
Till now, looking on life as the ultimate,
I have not achieved the Goal. Ah! when
Sad-Guru Ramana, shall I realize the Self?

In the world what was pleasing always
perished. But the miserable mind always
runs after sense-pleasures only.
O Ramana Bhagavan, I have not yet
realized the Supreme Brahman adored
by the fortunate. This life is lived in vain.
Alas! What greater misfortune can there be?"

"The Saints are the sustainers of society.
Philo remarks: 'Households, cities, countries
and nations have enjoyed great happiness,
when a single individual has taken heed of
the good and the beautiful. Such men not
only liberate themselves; they fill those they
meet with a free mind.' "

"The true sages possess the inner joy and
peace which are independent of outer circumstances.
Their happiness is not dependent on outer things.
They have passed beyond the forms of social life.
They work for the fulfillment of the Divine in the
world, for the good of all beings, for the fulfillment
of the Purpose. They are one in action and consciousness
with the Divine."

"Sri Ramana adopts the metaphysical
position of Advaita Vedanta. He speaks
to us of the Divine.....
When one discovers the Divine within
oneself, one must discover it also in the
outer world of men and things. While the
heights within are revealed...the process
of seeing all in the fullness of the Divine
is more arduous.
God is both eternal silence and perpetual
activity, the unmoved witness and the
ground of all that is, the metaphysical
Absolute and the personal Lord. The
Divine reveals itself anew in all life and
Sri Ramana dwells not only in a world
of pure subjectivity but has also a sense
of the Infinite that is within all.....
Like all saints, he has the foundation in God."

"The Maharshi is above the spirit of the time.
Long after the spirit of the time will have been
succeeded by the spirit of another Age,
Sri Ramana will be remembered as an Immortal."

"After having studied the lives and ways of
teaching of Saints and Sages of the world,
belonging to various traditions and periods
of time;
It strikes one that Sri Ramana falls into a class of his own..."

"Sri Ramana declares that life is full of latent
happiness.....because the Divine heritage is
ever there, waiting to be received, God-Reality
is ever present within the heart of all.....
the dawn of Self-realization is not a new creation,
but the remembering of a lost state of consciousness.
It is an entering into the ancient heritage."

"Sri Ramana is a true son of the Indian earth.
He is genuine and, in addition to that, something
quite phenomenal. In India he is the whitest spot
in a white space.

What we find in the life and teachings of Sri Ramana
is the purest of India; with its breath of world-liberated
and liberating humanity, it is a chant of milleniums.....

The identification of the Self with God will strike the
European as shocking. It is a specifically oriental
Realization, as expressed in Sri Ramana's utterances.
Psychology cannot contribute anything further to it,
except the remark that it lies far beyond its scope to propose
such a thing. However, it is clear to the Indian that the
Self as spiritual Source is not different from God;
and in so far as man abides in his Self, he is not
only contained in God but is God Himself.
Sri Ramana is quite clear in this respect."

"I bow to the Lotus-feet of Sage Sri Ramana,
the great Teacher, Who revealed to me the Lord
Supreme in His glory transcending darkness."

--Sri Kavyakantha--Ganapati Muni--