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Panchadasi - (96)
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The Chapter VIII continues...

Verse 53:-  What is the intellect?  What is the reflected
consciousness?  And what is the Self? How is the world here?
--- Because of indecision about these, these questions of ignorance
has arisen.  This illusion is called Samsara, the worldly life.

Verse 54:- How is the knower of Truth, the liberated, who knows
the true nature of the intellect, etc., mentioned above.  Thus
the Vedanta has decided.

Verse 55:-  The piece of sophistry advanced by the logicians
and others viz., "Whose is the bondage?"  must be met by
adopting the method of Khanadana-Khanda khadya*, by
Sri Harsa Misra.

(* If Brahman is the only reality, who is bound and who
requires release?  If there is nobody, the Upanishadic teachings
are in vain.  To such a question, Vedantins will reply: Do you
ask this question knowingly or unknowingly?  If unknowingly,
you confess your ignorance.  that is, you are in a state of bondage.
If knowingly, your question is improper.)

Verse 56:-  In Siva Purana, it is said, that pure consciousness,
Kutastha, exists as a witness to the rise and fall of he mental
modifications, Vrittis, their prior and posterior nonexistence
and the state of ignorance prior to inquiry about the Truth.

Verse 57&58:-  As the support of the unreal world, its nature
is existence.  As it cognizes all insentient objects, its nature
is consciousness.  And it is always the object of love,the nature
is bliss.   It is called Siva, the infinite , being the means of revelation
of all objects and being related to them, as their substratum.

Verse  59:- Thus in the Siva Purana, the Kutastha has been
described as having no particular characteristics of Jiva and
Isvara, and as being nondual, self luminous and the highest

To be contd...

Arunachala Siva.