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Panchadasi - (95)
« on: August 24, 2008, 05:11:04 PM »
The Chapter VIII continues...

Verse 47:- In the text, "That are Thou" the word 'thou' freed
from all adjuncts, is Kutastha. In Vivarana and other advanced
works, attempts are made to establish its identity with Brahman.

Verse 48:-  The consciousness, the substratum on which the
illusion of Chidabhasa together with the body and the sense
organs is superimposed is known is known as Kutastha in

Verse 49:-  The substratum on which stands the illusion of the
whole world, is described in the Vedanta by the word Brahman.

Verse 50:-  When the whole world of Maya is recognized, as
a superimposition on this one consciousness, Brahman,what to
speak of Jiva who is only a part of this world.

Verse 51:- The difference between the entities indicated by
"That"  and "Thou" is due to that of the superimposed world
and Jiva, which is only a part of it.  In reality, they are one

Verse 52:-  That it is a genune case of superimposition is proved
by the fact, that Chidabhasa, the reflected consciousness,
partakes of the characteristics of both, the superimposing
intellect such as agentship, enjoyership etc., and the superimposed
Atman which is Consciousnes.  So, the whole  Chidabhasa is a
creation of illusion.

To be contd...

Arunachala Siva.