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Bhatt Swamigal
« on: June 22, 2010, 04:40:46 PM »
Bhatt swami was known by this name and no one knew his real name. He was residing in Palakothu in a make shift but adjacent to Muruganaar's.It was roughly improvised with coconut fronds that barely held together. The so-called door was always ajar revealing to any passerby a bare, sparton interior. The only things that the hut contained were a water pot  and an old glaxo tin which was left hanging by twine inside the door.If people felt like offering him
something they would just place it in this old tin.

Bhatt swami was a great tapasvin and could be seeen seated ever obsorbed in meditation inside his room. He was a tall, slim and golden hued. His mien was that of a rishi kumara of yore with dark flowing unkept hair and a full black beared hanging down his front. He was ever in mouna, clad only in a dhoti upto his knee without a shirt or shawl. He remained unadorned with the traditional kumkum or vibhuti on his forehead and wore no chappals. Whatever was dropped into the offering tin was his bhiksha for the day as he never went into town for begging rounds as did other sadhus.

He always walked erect and his back ramrod straight and his eyes were riveted in a purposeful manner, never deflecting here or there. Though hardly thirty, his face beamed with the radiance of great tapas.

Most days he would unobstrusively slip into the hall from the hillside. Th way he bore himself remined one of a driverless vehicle that was driven by the force of the wind.A light suffused his entire body and people would long for his benign look, which they perceived as a blessing. He would be seen in the hall only during the 5 am morning upanishad parayanas and evening rudra parayana. Since he never went out for bhiksha some people like kommuti lakshmi amma woild periodically drop eatables into his hanging bowl. But it was never certain that he got them as monkeys had ready access.

After bhagavan's mahanirvana the distressed devotees experienced  a void.Some resident devotees took upton themselves the duty of feeding tapasvi  sadhus. One lady started sending food in an elaborate way through a servant to bhatt swami but it was regularly left outside untouched. Though her repeated offerings remained untouched , this good samaritan was undeterred and did not take the cue to stop.

One day Bhatt swami dissapeared, never to return. The mission of basking in the glorious grace-soaked presence of bhagavan having been fruitfully accomplished, his departure was as sudden and unannounced as his arrival.


Smt. T.R Kanakammal

[ MP. 2008, Jan, 83-84 ]