Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi explains how jivas are reborn  (Read 4955 times)


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Ramana Maharshi explains how jivas are reborn
« on: June 22, 2010, 12:57:38 PM »
D: Does not death dissolve the individuality of a person,so that there can be no rebirth, just as the rivers discharged into the ocean lose their individualities?

M: But when the waters evaporate and return as rain on the hills, they once more flow in the form of rivers and fall into the ocean; so also the individualities during sleep lose their separateness and yet return as individuals according to their samskaras or past tendencies. Even so it is in death; and the individuality of the person with samskaras is not lost.

D: How can that be?

M: See how a tree whose branches have been cut, grows again. So long as the roots of the tree remain unimpaired, the tree will continue to grow. Similarly,the samskaras which have merely sunk into the heart on death, but have not perished for that reason,occasion rebirth at the right time; and that is how jivas are reborn.

Source: Maharshi’s Gospel BOOKS 1 & II


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Re: Ramana Maharshi explains how jivas are reborn
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2010, 10:20:06 AM »

Dear prasanth,

Yes.  It is these vasanas that cause rebirth, death, and again rebirth
ad nauseum.  The root of these vasanas is ego.  Unless the root is
cut off and when one reaches the ego less state it is liberation.
Bhagavan Ramana says that even a single vasana would create
rebirth.  There are some Padamalai verses on these aspects:

Veerse 1682:  Unless the destruction of all vasanas is accomplished,
it will not be possible even for Iswara to bestow the state of liberation.

Verse 2301:  The felicitous state of immovable peace that never
falters will be attainable only to those who have destroyed the ancient multitude of vasanas, putting an end to all attachment.

Verse 2497:  Pramada [not keeping one's attention on the Self].
whose association with one is detected in the culminating phase
of sadhana, is the mind's original, deluding vasana.

Verse 1098:  Achieving Atma Nishta through sadhana  is to arrive
at a life that is free from the misery caused by the scorching vasanas.

Verse 358:  Destroy the worldly vasanas. Sow the vasana of
Chidakasa [the expanse of Consciousness] in your Heart.

M.Sivaprakasam Pillai also asked this question:

Q: How the ancient, time immemorial vasanas can be destroyed
and one can be in the state of Swarupam?

Bhagavan: Do not doubt, whether possible or not possible.  If one is ever in Swarupa Dhyanam, he will definitely achieve the goal.

Sri Sankara also says in Vivekachoodamani : Vasana kshyam is

Arunachala Siva.