Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi Says Jnani Belongs To The Fourth Stage Of Jnana Bhoomikas  (Read 2269 times)


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The seven jnana bhoomikas are:

(i). subheccha (the desire for enlightenment).
(ii). vicharana (enquiry).
(iii). tanumanasa (tenuous mind).
(iv). satwapatti (self-realization).
(v). asamsakti (non-attachment).
(vi). padarthabhavana (non-perception(sensing) of objects).
(vii). turyaga (transcendence).

Transcendence means A state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience

Those who have attained the last four bhoomikas are called brahmavid, brahmavidvara, brahmavidvariya and brahmavidvaristha respectively.

D: To which of the seven stages of knowledge (jnana bhoomikas) does the sage (jnani) belong?

Bhagavan: He belongs to the fourth stage.

D: If that is so why have three more stages superior to it been distinguished?

Bhagavan: The marks of the stages four to seven are based upon the experiences of the realized person (jivanmukta). They are not states of knowledge and release. So far as knowledge and release are concerned no distinction whatever is made in these
four stages.

Source : Collected Works Of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi


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Dear prasanth,

Yes.  The seven stages are called Sapta Jnana Bhoomikas.  It appears
in  Kaivalya Navaneetam.  The 4th to 7th stages are of Jnanis, but of
different calibers.  The first three belong to sadhakas of different

Arunachala Siva.