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Panchadasi - (92)
« on: August 24, 2008, 03:31:27 PM »
The Chapter VIII continues....

Verse 30:-  In measuring out rice and other grains, it makes
no difference to their quanity whether the measure be made
of wood or metal.

Verse 31:-  If you say, though it makes no difference in measuring,
the metalic measure does give reflection, we reply that such is
the property of the inner organ (Antahkarana, in that it can reflect
consciousness, as Chidabhasa/

(Manasa Ullasa - 4.4.10)

Verse 32:-  "Abhasa" means slight or partial modfication,
"Pratibimba" is also like that, that is, partial manifestation.
It does not have the properties of the real entity but resembles
it in having some of them.

(Abhasa can be translated in English as 'shadow'.  Pratibimba,
is mirror image.  Both are not real.)

Verse 33:- As Chidabhasa is associated and variable, it is
devoid of the characteristics of Kutastha.  But as it renders
objects capable of being cognized,  it resembles Kutastha.
Such is the opinion of the wise.

Verse 34:-  (Objection):  The scriptures declare the survival
of the intellect after the body falls, and therefore the intellect
is the same as Cidabhasa.  (Reply):  According to the Sruti
passage which declare the entry of the Atman or the Self into
the body, Chidabhasa is distinct from the intellect. 

(See Brahadaranyaka Up. 4.4.2; Aitreya Up. 1.3.12;
Taittiriya Up. 2.6;)

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.