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Panchadasi - (91)
« on: August 24, 2008, 03:16:58 PM »
The Chapter VIII continues.....

Verse 25:-  The earlier teachers have made it clear that Kutastha
is the witness in passages, like 'It is the witness of the intellect,
-Anthakarana, and its operations,, Vrittis.

(See Vakyavritti 11 and Chater 4.31)

Verse 26:-  They have also declared that Kutastha, Chidabhasa
and the mind ar related in the same way as the face. its
reflection and the mirror.  This relationship is proved through
scriptures and reasoning.  Thus Chidabhasa also has been

(Upadesa Sahasri 18.43 and 109)

Verse 27:- (Objection):  Kutastha conditioned by the intellect
can pass to and return from the other worlds, like the Akasa,
the Space, enclosed in a pot.  Then, what is the necessity of
postulating Chidabhasa?

(Katha Up. 2.24)

Verse 28:- (Reply):  Being merely conditoned by an object
such as the intellect, Kutastha does not become a Jiva.
Otherwise, even a wall or a pot, which is pervaded by Kutastha,
become a Jiva.

Verse 29:- (Obejction): The intellect is different  from the wall,
for it is transparent.  (Reply):  It may be so, but why do you
bother about opaqueness or transparency of the conditioner?
For, you concern must be with the condition, not the conditoner?

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.