Author Topic: Ramana Maharshi says Good always implies bad also; they always co-exist  (Read 1273 times)


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So Vishnu awakened Prahlada, blessing him with eternal life and jivanmukti. Deva-asura fight was resumed and the old order of things was restored so that the universe continues in its eternal nature.


How could God Himself wake up the asura element and bring about constant warfare? Is not Pure Goodness the nature of God?


Goodness is only relative. Good always implies bad also; they always co-exist. The one is the obverse of the other.

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Dear prasanth,

Good and bad or for that matter, all dyads including bondage and
liberation is in the ego.  Bhagavan has explained this in Verse 39
of ULLadu Narpadu. [Bandhanai irukkum matte bandha mukti chintanaigal].  While covering this Verse, Muruganar has described
these dyads in some of his verses of Padamalai:

Verse 548:  If bondage and liberation are creations of the mind, all
the experiences and states manifested through suttarivu [objective
consciousness] are likewise only concepts.

Verse 2205:  The origin of the concepts of bondage and liberation
is in the ego, the deception that is the cause of the PAIRS OF OPPOSITES.

Dwanda Buddhi, the pairs of opposites, generally refer to such pairings, as heat and cold, joy and misery, and so on.  Here it would also include bondage and liberation.

Verse 2405:  It is because the mind, the vain ego, is habitutated
to the thought of bondage that enthusiastic efforts, to attain
liberation, arise.

Verse 1000:  If you enquire into the Self and come to know it, in that vision of the Self, the age-old primal illusion of bondage will become a story long forgotten.

Arunachala Siva.